Intercultural Experience Program

When is the Intercultural Experience Program? The Intercultural Experience Program occurs one day before Orientation. The program is a mix of social activities and discussion groups that include key campus people and Stonehill alumni. The program begins Friday, August 28th at 12:00pm and ends Saturday, August 29th at 12:00pm. How do I sign up for the Intercultural Experience Program? Sign ups are now open for the 2015 session! Email with your full name and phone number or call 508-565-1409 to register.

Accepted students who are interested in learning more about diversity at Stonehill are invited to campus on Friday before First Year Orientation for our Intercultural Experience Program. Students participate in workshops, discussion groups, fun social activities, and meet their "Big Brother or Sister". In these workshops, we discuss issues of diversity, get to know other students from diverse communities and experiences, and prepare for our own leadership at Stonehill College. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an additional orientation session to discuss diversity issues? 

Diversity and inclusion are important to living and learning at Stonehill, and our commitment is infused in many of our programs here. Students who want to start their Stonehill experience meeting diverse groups of people often choose to attend this program because of our very open, welcoming and accepting process. We also realize that there are individuals who want to have more conversations, who want to meet people with the same passion, and who want to expand their network of friends at Stonehill. Students of all backgrounds are welcome and strongly encouraged to sign up!

Is there a cost associated with pre-orientation?

There are no additional costs related to pre-orientation. You are, however, responsible for your own transportation to arrive here 1 day prior to our full first-year orientation.

If I participate in pre-orientation, when should I arrive at Stonehill?

Move-in day for pre-orientation is on Friday, August 28, 2015 between 9am-12:00pm in Duffy Academic Building, room 149 to pick up your keys. Your first pre-orientation session will start at 12:00pm on Friday with a luncheon for you and your family in the Roche Dining Commons. We recommend coming to campus earlier in the day so that you can set up your room and feel settled prior to participating in pre-orientation activities. If you are attending the Intercultural Experience Program, you are expected to participate in the entire program. 

I cannot attend pre-orientation. Can I still be matched with an ALANA-A Brother or Sister?

Yes. The close relationship that the ALANA-A Brothers & Sisters have with their "little siblings" goes beyond pre-orientation. Many Brothers & Sisters have stayed in touch with their siblings throughout their years at Stonehill and have developed important and meaningful relationships.

If you cannot attend the pre-orientation, will can still match you with an ALANA-A Brother & Sister at Stonehill; however, you will need to email or stop by Duffy 149 to request one. 

If I attend the Intercultural Experience Program, will I still attend the orientation that the other students attend?

Yes! The Intercultural Experience Program ends just as the First Year Student orientation begins. You will not miss any part of the Fall Orientation!

Will I be welcomed at the Intercultural Experience Program?'

At the Intercultural Experience Program, we talk openly about race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, accessibility and many other issues that make us who we are. Our student leaders -- the "Big Brothers and Sisters" -- have all gone through extensive training and workshops to learn how to be effective allies to many different communities, including but not limited to the LGBTQ community and communities of color. And, we strive to create both a safe and brave environment for all the participants!