Presidential Diversity Task Force

“Stonehill College students, faculty and staff benefit from a diverse living and learning environment because sharing differences in ideas, experiences, and beliefs help us shape our own perspectives. As a community of teachers and learners, diverse perspectives prepare us as scholars and practitioners in a global society. With diversity, our classrooms, residence halls, programs, athletic fields and courts, and dining commons transform into practical opportunities for engagement. These formal and informal exchanges foster greater self-awareness and an awareness of others. By interacting with people from backgrounds different from our own, we learn how to distinguish fact from fiction, truth from myth, and personal from theoretical. Together, we expand our knowledge and understanding of politics, economy, culture, faith, equality and equity, justice and injustice, and put these lessons into a global context. We need diversity in our classrooms, our residence halls, in our leadership programs, on our athletic fields and courts, and in our everyday lives. Diversity heightens our curiosity, develops our compassion, and engages our minds.” -- Why Diversity in Diversity Task Force Report 2013


The Presidential Diversity Task Force was assembled by Fr. Mark Cregan, the College's ninth President, in March 2011, with the charge of examining Stonehill's current level of engagement regarding diversity. In order to make research driven recommendations, the members of the Diversity Task Force proceeded to conduct a climate analysis towards diversity. 

Areas of focus

The Diversity Task Force focused on three (3) main goals:

1. Increasing the diversity of the Stonehill College population, including students, faculty, staff and senior leadership.

2. Support a sustainable, inclusive environment that  is welcoming of diversity by focusing on the continued growth and development of students, faculty and staff as well as senior leadership.

3. Assess and support the knowledge, appreciation and skills that enhance diversity in our community. 


The Diversity Task Force spent two years conducting focus groups, surveys, collaborative discussions, researching practices at other institutions, and drawing from relevant literature and theories in higher education, management, business and leadership. Numerous committees, including the Strategic Planning Committee, the Intercultural Affairs Committee, the Student Affairs Committee, and the Provost Academic Diversity Committee, provided key feedback to the process and document. 

Eight themes

The Diversity Task Force, through research based decision making, identified eight (8) themes that had emerged in the process:

  • Theme 1: Senior Leadership
  • Theme 2: Faculty Diversity Competency
  • Theme 3: Positive Contact
  • Theme 4: Diversity Desire
  • Theme 5: Person-Organization Fit
  • Theme 6: Culture of Inclusion
  • Theme 7: Awareness of diversity
  • Theme 8: Resources 


To learn more about the Diversity Task Force

The Diversity Task Force submitted a report to Fr. Mark Cregan on June 1, 2013.

On July 1, 2013, Fr. John Denning became the College's 10th President. The Diversity Task Force will continue to make recommendations to Fr. John Denning as leads the institutional support of diversity and inclusion at Stonehill College. 

Co-Chairs of the Diversity Task Force:

Steve Beaureguard, Assistant Vice President for Planning

MaryAnn Perry, Director of Human Resources

Liza Talusan,  Former Director of Intercultural Affairs

Laura Uerling, Director of Institutional Research