Diversity Networking Group

As we are a vibrant community of learners and teachers, the Diversity Networking Group addresses the importance of supporting Stonehill's faculty, staff, and administrators as, together, we create a more welcoming environment of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas.

Involvement in the Diversity Networking Group includes:

  • Creating a more unified group of professionals who are interested in diversity
  • Helping to create a more inclusive environment at Stonehill that is attractive to current community members, prospective students, and prospective employees
  • Developing peer-to-peer networks in order to enhance and support diversity across the campus
  • Developing inter-office networks to better support our students in areas of diversity
  • Strengthening our existing community so that we are able to better support incoming students/employees

Each meeting is open, and membership is flexible.


The Diversity Networking Group was founded when four members of the Stonehill Community casually discussed the importance of building diversity advocates and allies in the community. Together, we created a mission and goal for the group and invited the community to attend. Realizing that true diversity must be an effort across the college (rather than in just a few offices), the Diversity Networking Group emphasizes cross-departmental collaboration in both professional development and personal development.

To learn more about the Diversity Networking Group or to receive a meeting schedule, please contact Liza Talusan, Director of Intercultural Affairs at LTalusan@stonehill.edu.

Founding members: Akira Motomura, Erika Schluntz, Ben Chalot and Liza Talusan