Resources for Students of Color

What does "ALANA" mean?

At Stonehill, instead of using the term "minority student", we have chosen to use the acronym ALANA, which stands for "African, Latino, Asian, Native American". This acronym is typically used when referring to student of color populations. 

Why do we use the term ALANA as opposed to "minority" student?

Simply put, the word "minority" is pejorative when referring to “students of color.” Using the word “minority” when referring to students of color also has political connotations — i.e. the majority holds the power, while the minority is powerless. We, at Stonehill, are a community that strives to recognize equality; moving away from the word “minority” as a race description will help our community be stronger, more attractive, and more inclusive to people of all types of backgrounds. 

Why do I sometimes see the term "ALANA-A" used at Stonehill?

We use the acronym "ALANA-A" when we are referring to groups that include white students. The best example at Stonehill is our ALANA-A Brothers and Sisters Leadership Program. We are making a point to include "Allies" -- or, those who believe in the value, contributions, and experiences of people of color -- in our leadership program to demonstrate the need to work together in diversity issues.