Cumulative Update

In the months of April, May, June 2017 Stonehill College generated 149 tons of mainstream rubbish. During those same months we also recycled 22 tons of paper and co-mingled containers. That means 13% of our mainstream rubbish was recycled!

June, 2017 Update

During the month of June, 2017 Stonehill College recycled 9 tons of paper and co-mingled containers. That is 24% of the mainstream waste for that month.

To request a recycling bin for your area please submit a work request here.

This month we saved:

June 2017 Total

Fiscal Year '17 Total

147 trees

2,514 trees

60,550 gallons of water

1,035,090 gallons of water

35,465 kwh of electricity

606,267 kwh of electricity

3,287 gallons of oil

56,191 gallons of oil

26 cubic yards of landfill

444 cubic yards of landfill

519 lbs of air pollutants

8,872 lbs of air pollutants