Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodation requests will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodations Committee. Students will receive written notification regarding the outcome of their requests.

New incoming students, must submit their requests by June 15th. Returning students, making requests for the next academic year, must submit their information in accordance with the timeline established through the annual housing lottery process. Ordinarily this deadline is February 15th.

Students seeking housing accommodations for the spring semester, must submit their requests by December 1st. Students seeking housing accommodations for the summer, must submit their requests by May 1st.The need for accommodations is reviewed on an individual basis for students with documented disabilities.

 The Committee will evaluate the reasonableness of your request based on your documentation and on the nature of Stonehill’s housing program.  Stonehill has designed its residential program on the premise that a vibrant, social residence hall environment is fundamental to living and learning at Stonehill. 

As such, the request for a single room is utilized as an accommodation only when no other reasonable accommodation would allow a student to participate in our residential program as it is designed.

 If you are seeking housing accommodations, please complete the following steps:

  1. Submit documentation regarding your disability to:

    Office of Disability Services
    Stonehill College
    320 Washington Street
    Easton, MA 02357

    Email: ods@stonehill.edu
    Phone: (508) 565-1306
    Fax: (508) 565-1492

  2. Fill out and submit the Academic and Housing Accommodations Request Form: