CTL Consultation Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a number of consultation services to support faculty in their teaching and other curricular responsibilities. Consultation services are available to both full-time and part-time faculty.

Individual Faculty Consultation

The CTL director is available to consult one-on-one with all full- and part-time faculty on a range of teaching-related concerns and questions. Stacy can serve as a sounding board, help brainstorm options, and identify useful resources. She can also share what she's learned from talking with and observing other faculty at Stonehill and how they have addressed similar situations.

Rather than taking a prescriptive, "one-size-fits-all" approach, Stacy seeks to understand a professor's particular goals and teaching contexts before considering possible courses of action. In some cases, a faculty member may choose to have Stacy gather additional data about a class (for example, through a mid-semester assessment) in order to provide further contextual information.

Consultations are always initiated by the faculty member and are kept completely confidentialIf you are interested in setting up a consultation - or are simply curious to learn more about the consultation process and Stacy's consultation style - please contact us.

Mid-semester Assessment

The CTL is also available to assist faculty in gathering formative feedback about a course while it is still in progress.  Faculty choose to arrange for a mid-semester assessment in order to:

  • make adjustments to a course while it is in progress,
  • signal to students the professor’s investment in their learning, and
  • provide additional evidence of teaching effectiveness (to supplement end-of-semester evaluations and peer review) 

The CTL offers the following options to faculty interested in gathering mid-semester feedback:

  • Student written feedback
  • Small Group Interview 
  • Classroom observation
  • Classroom videotaping

The director is also eager to work with faculty to develop assessment tools and procedures particular to their needs. So if none of the above look right for you, please contact us to talk about developing an approach that works for you.

Departmental Consultation

The CTL director is also available to consult with departments on a range of teaching-related concerns. She can assist departments in developing and implementing long-term assessment of key courses in the major or courses that are going through revisions; in discussing strategies for making peer review a valuable experience for all involved; or by reporting on research relevant to a department's needs.