Publicity/Public Relations Support Form

To assist the Office of Communications & Media Relations (CMR) in reviewing your request for promotional support, please read the following information and complete the form below.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote Stonehill and the members of our community to local, regional and national media. In doing so, we must be selective in choosing newsworthy stories and matching them with the appropriate media outlets. Dealing with the media is not an exact science; however, we work to strategically promote stories that highlight Stonehill students, faculty, administrators, programs and events.

News on the Web

We place most press releases on the Stonehill web site. Please note that the home page is reserved for high-profile events and news. Releases are often posted on the Stonehill News page, which is linked prominently off of the home page.

Sharing Your Ideas

While we cannot accomodate every request for media coverage, we do welcome and consider each story idea Please continue to inform CMR of all story ideas. It is only with your input that we can fully represent Stonehill to the best of our ability.

Information Needed

Please note that we work to promote events and news stories from many different areas of the College. Much of what CMR does is time-sensitive and deadline-driven. If you would like an event publicized, please provide use with confirmed details at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the event.