Brocktonian Room

CNM offers complimentary use of the Brocktonian Room to all registered nonprofit organizations! The Brocktonian Room is commonly used for board meetings, celebrations and events, monthly membership meetings, retreats, trainings etc.

Brocktonian Room Guidelines

  • Maximum capacity = 25 people.
  • Rectangular tables are set-up around the perimeter of the room in a u-shape. They may be rearranged, but MUST be returned to their original set-up before leaving.
  • Podium, computer, projector with laptop connecting cable and whiteboards are all available for use.
  • Organizations are limited to reserving the Brocktonian Room based on availability (maximum 2 times per month).
  • No external food allowed: organizations MUST use Stonehill's Sodexo catering services if planning to have any food or drink at the event. *For catering menu and prices, contact Sodexo at 508-565-1616 or e-mail


Want to make a reservation? Download and complete the Brocktonian Room Request Form and submit it to

For more information: Brocktonian Room Guidelines


Upcoming Reservations