Are you looking to gain experience and knowledge in the nonprofit sector?

The Center for Nonprofit Management at Stonehill College (CNM) is dedicated to providing students with a passion or interest in nonprofits with an internship experience that matches their qualifications and interests. Or, if you're interested in learning more about nonprofits, CNM will happily provide you with learning or volunteer opportunities.

Below is a listing of our internship opportunities. Internships are available each semester and in the summer.

  • CNM Program Intern - Perfect for a student interested in assisting CNM with our daily operations along with delivery and analysis of our programs and services!

  • CNM Marketing/Social Media Intern - Seeking students with a passion for marketing, communications and outreach as well as an interest in developing content and growing audiences for CNM’s social media channels

  • CNM Resource Room Intern - An excellent opportunity for students who have strong interpersonal skills and want to learn more about the field of nonprofit management

    • Click HERE to learn more about our Resource Room Intern Program

    • Application process is currently closed.


  • Developing Fundraising Leaders Institute (DFLI)a program designed to train students with a passion for nonprofits to become ideal candidates for internship and job placements in fundraising in a range of nonprofits and ultimately future nonprofit leaders.

    • *DFLI application process is closed.


CNM also receives requests for internships from local nonprofit organizations. These organizations often post their internship and job opportunities through Stonehill's Career Connections.