Premier Events

Every year, the Office of Career Services hosts two class-wide conferences: Senior Transitions and Sophomore Planning Conference

Senior Transitions

Senior Transitions is held in August for members of the graduating class.


  • to inform seniors of the resources on campus and available through the Stonehill network to start exploring their post-graduate options
  • to help seniors acquire the skills they will need over the course of the year to transition out of Stonehill into a career, graduate school or a post-graduate service opportunity

Sophomore Planning

Sophomore Planning is held in October for members of the sophomore class.


  • to ensure sophomores have the information they need to accomplish their personal goals, such as obtaining an internship, studying abroad or participating in the SURE program
  • to provide resources and information to encourage sophomores to become engaged beyond the classroom in ways they may not have considered
  • to have students pause, to make thoughtful decisions about how to best prepare for their post-graduate goals (regardless of how clear or unclear those goals may be)

Event Registration

Information on how to register for these events is available on the Upcoming Events page during the registration period of each event.