Brittany Daniels '12 and Lacie Michaelson '12 with Augustinian Volunteer Corps
Brittany Daniels '12 and Lacie Michaelson '12 with Augustinian Volunteer Corps.

Many Stonehill graduates pursue volunteer service after graduation. The more than 100 alumni on the Alumni Contact List are all eager to speak with you about their term of service and the agency with which they served.

Download the post-Graduate Service Contact LisT for print

Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)

Iain Flannery '11

Amate House Chicago, IL

Deirdre Kleist '12  Deirdre's Blog

AmeriCorps State and National

Grace Nevins '13  Maine

Ann Muse '10 Brockton

Priscilla Tanger '10 Arizona

AmeriCorps NCCC

Kimberly Nihon '12

Jillian Eid '10

Kim Kawecki '09

Amanda Kellett '09

Paul Butler '09

Laura Chechette '09

Andrew Cutter '09

Megan Hartmann '09

Ellen Tarry '09

Brittany Dibble '08

Marissa LaPointe '08

Lindsey Stailing '08

Bobby Conceison '07

AmeriCorps VISTA

Marie Boyd '12

Jason Lynch '12

Deanna McLaughlin '

Jacqui De Cormier '11 2nd Year

Allison Wilhite '10 2nd Year

Stephanie (LaChapelle) Ler '10

Andre House Phoenix, AZ

Rachel Smith '12   Rachel's Blog

Margaret Bouffard '07

Associate Missionaries of the Assumption

Rachel Recolcolin '13 New Mexico/Philippines

Brendan Carey '09 Peru

Augustinian Volunteers

Casey Papuga '13  Peru

Brittany Daniels '12 PA

Lacie Michaelson '12 Peru  Lacie's Blog

Liz (Farrey) Jette '08 Peru

Bilingual Education in Central America (BECA) Honduras

Alyssa Baumgarten '13

Stephanie Kott '10

Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry Baltimore, MD

Kathryn Fallavollita '10

Sarah Wilson '10

Border Servant Corps El Paso, TX

Kathleen Stephan '10

Boston Teacher Residency

Jackie Creed '13

Boys Hope Girls Hope Baltimore, MD

Jocelyn Vierra '08

Cabrini Mission Corps Argentina and Ethiopia

Thomas Hollywood '98

Christian Appalachian Project Kentucky

Josh Lantos '12

Leah Coughlin '11

Jessica Wirth '10

Amanda Breen '09

Jennifer Zupicich '09

City on a Hill Charter School Boston, MA

John Driscoll '12

Allison King '10

City Year

Amanda Thorne '13  New Orleans, LA

Jenna Morris '13  San Jose, CA

Sarah Jennings '12 Washington, DC

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers Denver, CO

Elizabeth Downes '12

Gerald Espinosa '12

Madeline Schissel '11

Erin Casey '10

Caitlin Beaulieu '09

Covenant House

Chauncey Velasco '12

Stephanie Ball '10

Dominican Volunteers USA

Erica Stewart '11

Episcopal Service Corps

Johnson Intern Program -Chapel Hill, NC

Christine Powers '12

Franciscan Outreach Association Chicago

Jonathan Piette '11

FrancisCorps Costa Rica

Lauren Melaugh '13

Nicole Santarsiero '

Good Shepherd Volunteers International Coordinator

Thomas Hollywood '98

Humility of Mary Volunteers

Sara Roderiques '10

Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC)

Maura Ferrarini '12

Therese Mance '11

Janna Rayworth '10

Bridget Sarpu '10

Brendan Carey '09

David McAuley '06

JVC Northwest

Paige Begley '13

Meredith Kalinski '13    Meredith's Blog

Mallory Sullivan '13

Catherine Tracy '13

Katherine O'Toole '12

Erica Carmody '11 2nd Year

Julie Albert '11

Janine DiLorenzo '11

Loretto Volunteers

Kathleen Stephan '10

Massachusetts Campus Compact (AmeriCorps VISTA)

Nicole Alonzo '11

Massachusetts Promise Fellowship (AmeriCorps)

Ellen Gillander '11 2nd Year

Felicia Waldron '09

Patricia Godio '09

Mercy Volunteer Corps

Allison Hansgate '11    Allison's Blog

Mother Caroline Academy Dorchester, MA

Richelle Records '11 2nd Year

Kara Foley '09

Operation TEACH College of Notre Dame, Maryland

Kathryn Wood '09

Peace Corps

Tim Johnson '13  Senegal   Tim's Blog

Katrina Organ '11 Ecuador   Katrina's Blog

Meg Murphy '10 Thailand

Elyse Moreau '10 Ghana, Africa

Margaret Haffey '10 Burkina Faso

Astrid Gilles '07 Guinea

Austin Matte '09 Nicaragua

Rostro de Cristo Ecuador

Stephanie Allen '13

Steven McGunnigal '09

Stonehill International Extension

Dominican Republic

Carola Melendez-Rios '13

Lauren Carroll '12   Lauren's Blog


Alicia Talty '12  Alicia's Blog

Helen Rodriguez '12

Christina Martone '11 

Alex Flores '11  Alex's Blog

Matt Rigby '10 2nd Year   Matt's Blog


Christa Bogdanow  Christa's Blog

Tom McKenney  Tom's Blog

Charlotte Tuminelli '11  Charlotte's Blog

Teach for America

Courtney Beauregard '13

Erin Bozsnyak '13

Joe Gale '13

Amy Flynn '12

Katrina Rubner '12

Katherine Womboldt '12

Lisa Coletti '11 2nd Year

Liz Gordon '11 2nd Year

Aislynn Cunningham '10

Teach Next Year Boston, MA

Breanna Holland '10

Upaya Institute and Zen Center Santa Fe, NM

George Anderson '11

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC) Boston College

Michaela Bond '13

Vincentian Service Corps

Kristen Masley '10 Missouri


Amber Hubbard '13  China

Briana Lertora '13  Ecuador

Jamie Long '12 Namibia  Jamie's Blog

Megan McDonough '12 Chile

Casey Gallagher '11 Namibia  Casey's Blog

Heather Johns ' Thailand

Jeremiah McCarthy '10 Micronesia

Sara Rayworth '08 Marshall Islands

Meredith Tumulty '07 Chile

Rachel Radner ' China Hunan

Matt Mills '05 Tanzania

Stonehill Graduates Have Served In:

United States

Alaska Kentucky North Carolina
Arizona Louisiana Oklahoma
California Maine Oregon
Colorado Maryland Pennsylvania
Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island
Florida Missouri South Carolina
Georgia Montana Tennessee
Hawaii New Jersey Texas
Illinois New Mexico Washington, DC
Iowa New York  


Burkina Faso Haiti Micronesia
Chile Honduras Namibia
China India Nicaragua
Costa Rica Jamaica Peru
Dominican Republic Kenya Senegal
Ecuador Lesotho Tanzania
Ghana Marshall Islands Thailand
Guinea Mexico Uganda

Community and Global Engagement Blog

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