NYC Internship

Exploring New York City

After the check-in date, students will participate in a week-long orientation. This orientation will include a tour of Fordham University, a trip around the city, attendance at a cultural event, and several house meetings. New York City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. We encourage all interns to advantage of the opportunity to explore its many museums, cultural events and all that the city has to offer!


The most cost-effective way to travel in New York is by public transporation. Stonehill will cover the costs of monthly, unlimited-ride Metrocards for each student. The passes will be purchased and distributed by the students' Residence Director.


Students are housed in Lorillard Place, a Stonehill-owned residence in the Bronx. The house is located approximately three blocks from Fordham's Rose Hill campus. Cynthia Cortijo, the house's Residence Director, lives at Lorillard place year-round and serves as a resource for the interns.

Meet Cynthia Cortijo '04

residence director - lorillard place, Bronx, ny

Cynthia Cortijo serves as the Residence Director of Lorillard House in Bronx, NY. She graduated from Stonehill in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Health Care Administration and is married to Raul Rodriguez. While at Stonehill she worked in the Residence Life Office/Intercultural office as a work-study student. She participated in numerous clubs including SAA/Diversity On Campus and Diversity on campus. She was also an orientation leader for three years and a tour guide. She enjoys working at our internship site because of the smaller, intimate community she gets to work with. She also enjoys the very different orientation activities that she facilitates for our Stonehill students while they are living in New York. Cynthia is married and has two step-children and a 14 month old(as of May 30, 3013) and expecting another baby girl in September 2013.  In her spare time she loves to lounge in the residence hall, catch up with students, Lorillard Alumni, and Stonehill Classmates, network  help her husband on his assemblyman campaign, watch HGTV & Law and Order and do arts and crafts. She is very happy to be a part of the Residence Life family.