The New York City Externship Program is an intense week-long networking experience focusing on career exploration. Each year, a small group of students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) are selected to travel to New York City and spend the week meeting with prestigious, successful alumni in a range of professional settings to gain insight into a variety of career opportunities possible for students after graduation from Stonehill. Our hosts offer advice and share their opinions on selecting majors, perfecting resumes, finding internships, job searching, graduate school and much more.


November - Students interested in applying must seek a nomination from a Stonehill faculty, staff or administrator. These nominations can be sent via e-mail to Each interested nominee must submit a resume and cover letter to be considered. 

December - Resumes are reviewed and all applicants will receive a phone interview.  Some applicants will then receive a second round interview in-person with two Career Counselors.  Final extern selections are announced just prior to winter break.

January and February - Selected externs begin preparation meetings on Monday evenings.  Topics include professional development, networking, and education on the organizations we will be visiting and alumni with whom we will be meeting. 

Spring Break - Externs find their own transportation to (and from) New York and the trip begins at Penn Station in Manhattan on the Sunday of Spring Break. From Monday to Friday we visit alumni, attend staff meetings, partake in networking dinners and other arranged functions. The trip concludes Friday at noon.


Students live in groups of two or three in New York City for the week with an alumnus who has agreed to open his/her home.


Students are expected to finance their own transportation to and from New York City's Penn Station. During the week most meals are provided during company site visits and networking dinners. We recommend students bring about $100 spending money to pick up meals when they are not provided and for general spending money.

Why Apply?

Students have returned from this trip completely motivated to explore new majors, gained a better understanding as to how their current major can be utilized in the post graduate world, or even convinced that they were heading the right way all along. Many students have expressed that the trip changed their life. Those students interested in interning / working in New York will make many professional contacts. Every year, externs have applied for, received interviews for, and even accepted offers for internships or employment opportunities at organizations that we visit during spring break.  Whether you focus on career exploration, professional development, or networking, the externship program offers something for everyone.

Extern Quotes

"The Externship Program through Career Services is by far one of the most life-altering experiences I've ever encountered. As a sophomore with a foggy direction of what I exactly wanted to study and do, this week-long life-changing experience illuminated all that the world has to offer, and gave me the tools to define my path and gain a better sense of direction. I left New York City with 50+ LinkedIn connections of successful Stonehill Alumni and their contacts, unbreakable relationships with my fellow externs, and more importantly - a vision of life after Stonehill in which I can take my talents and passions, and utilize them to build a successful career for the rest of my life.” - Daniel Cormier '15

"What could be more exciting than spending a week commuting through the bustling streets of Times Squares, visiting esteemed Fortune 500 companies, networking with prominent Stonehill alumni, and attending enjoyable receptions to connect with colleagues who are ready to assist you in your career aspirations? The NYC Externship is an amazing opportunity that allows students to gain first-hand, corporate-world experience. The advice and insight you gain is a valuable boost to jumpstart your career, not to mention you have a fun time as well." - Ally Mielnicki '11

"Stonehill's NYC Externship was definitely one of the most valuable and rewarding programs I have been a part of at Stonehill. I walked away with two outstanding summer internship offers, a wealth of high level business connections, and a much better understanding of how 'the real world' works. I'm so thankful for Career Services at the college--they're fantastic." - Corinne Sherman '11

“Spending a week in New York City with new friends is reason enough to do the NYC Externship Program. But the best part of it all, and the reason I would recommend it to anyone, is the truly incredible networking experiences and how much you will learn about your personal career aspirations.” - Trent Fontanella '14


 For information about the NYC Externship program contact the Office of Career Services at 508-565-1325.