Name: Maggie Shellene

Class Year: 2018 (Senior)

Major: Criminology with a double minor in Sociology and Communications

Social Justice Area: Women’s Empowerment

Why I am passionate about service: I am passionate about service because I love giving back to the local community. There are a lot of places surrounding Stonehill that have endless amount of possibilities. At these places, you can utilize your talents and passions to help others. Through service I have not only helped organizations in which I’ve dedicated my time and energy into, but I have transformed into a more positive and outgoing person. The set of skills I have learned through real life and hands on experiences I’ve encountered has forever shaped me into the person I am today. Volunteering has allowed me to advocate for causes that I am especially passionate about. Women’s empowerment is an important social justice area that I continue to support through volunteering at several organizations, and hopefully recruiting more volunteers as a coordinator.

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