Name: Maggie Bohrmann

Major: Interdisciplinary Child Life and Art Therapy Studies

Class Year: 2018 (Senior)

Social Justice Area: Hunger and Homelessness- Specifically Horizons for Homeless Children & Fr. Bill's & MainSpring

Why I am passionate about service: I absolutely love working with children and always have! I find it incredibly rewarding, and I always find myself to be very happy in their presence. Children have an infectious sense of fun and love of life. It's very important to me that all children are given the same opportunities to grow and develop, and I believe strongly in doing all that I can to provide these children with the resources they need to reach their full potential! Not to mention being able to play with play-doh and paint is pretty fun too . I have also worked with My Brother's Keeper in the past, which is an organization dedicated to providing those in need with food and furniture. Through my time at MBK, I have met some incredible people with incredible stories that have shaped my outlook on the world. Whether it be Horizons for Homeless Children, My Brother's Keeper, or Father Bill's & MainSpring, all these organizations do wonderful things for some very deserving people, and I encourage you to get involved! 

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