Check back often for upcoming one-time service events, off-campus events, and other volunteer opportunities offered through our office. If you are looking for a more sustained service experience, please also visit our Into the Streets page. Vans are always available from campus ministry to take you to and from your service opportunity - just stop in and ask!

Upcoming and Ongoing Service Opportunities:

  • Volunteer with the NAMI Wellness Project 

The need is ongoing and the project is based in Needham, MA

The NAMI Wellness Project is a new nonprofit organization that can use your volunteering energy. We help adults living with depression, PTSD (which includes returning veterans), ADHD, major mental illness, addictions, anxiety and other brain challenges, by promoting the therapeutic value of exercise, nutrition and music.

How You Can Help: We have a large house that is to be our future headquarters, and is in need of renovation: PAINTING, CLEANING, SANDING, CARPENTRY, REFINISHING, and more. We usually work on Saturdays throughout the semester, 10am-3pm.  There is plenty of work, and though we welcome students with carpentry and plumbing skills, it is not required; just be ready to get dirty! Small or large groups are welcome.

On Campus Help: We are looking for students to organize a collection day for old mp3 players and ipods; we give them away as fitness tools.

Ongoing Projects: We work straight through the semesters, and are available for individuals in need of community service time, as well as alternate Spring Break.  We have flexibility in days/times.  We are badly in need of individuals with specific skills: plumbing, tiling, carpentry, bike repair, as well as students interested in working on our television show ( Visit our Facebook page: for more info or contact Barry O'Toole at or 781-444-0750.

  • Volunteer Virtually with the Charity Guild!

The Charity Guild, Brockton’s home-grown food charity, would like to get out the word better about our food pantry, deliveries to the elderly and other good works we do.  Our Facebook page (The Charity Guild, Inc.) needs better attention and livening up. We are looking for a volunteer to work from home and do three or four status updates a week, some with photo albums.  They would include not only Charity Guild activities but also links to articles and sites of interest.  Please contact Michael Molyneux at or (508) 699-4360.

  • Want to Be a Pro at eBay?

The Charity Guild thrift shop in Brockton is using eBay to sell high-end items that have been donated. They need a volunteer to research the value of items, price them for sale and get them up on eBay. Coming in for a few hours twice a week, you can perfect your eBay skills while helping The Guild raise money to operate their food pantry.  The work would be done at The Guild, 501 Main Street (at the corner of Dover), anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  Please contact Michael Molyneux at or (508) 699-4360.

  • Volunteer with the Brockton Council on Aging!

They are looking for a couple students a few times a month to meet with our senior students from our beginner computer class to work with them on a one to one basis.  They are also looking for a couple students to come in to show the seniors how to use their cell phones.  Just the basics such as charging it, making and receiving calls, checking messages and how to set up their phone contact list.  If interested, please contact Janice B. Fitzgerald, Director Brockton Council on Aging at 508-580-7811 or

Upcoming Off-Campus Events: