ITS Challenge Statement

We at Into the Streets (ITS) try to stress the importance of learning and leadership, as well as service. This is why we are presenting you the Into the Streets Challenge: to lead, learn, and serve as best you can.

If you do not see a service opportunity that interests you, find one or approach us here at Campus Ministry to help you find one. Create a leadership position for yourself. Take part in various service opportunities. Grow as an individual through service. Some of the most important lessons we learn are in the community as well as the classroom. Go "into the streets" of your community, and challenge yourself to lead, learn and serve.

“Into the Streets is an excellent program to get involved with not only because you can have fun and meet new people, but because you can really make a difference in the lives of others, which inevitably will make a difference in your own life.” -Danielle Baker, class of 2008

"Be part of the balance of life: Learn to Lead, Lead to Serve, Serve to Learn."

--ITS Manual