Transfer Student Information

Welcome to Stonehill!

We are thrilled to have you, and hope that you are able to take advantage of whatever it is that sparked your transfer to Stonehill - whether an academic program, opportunity for extracurricular involvement, or just an overall "better fit".

About the Transfer Process

There are three general stages each student transitioning to Stonehill from another university will go through:

  • Applying to and being accepted at the College: Admissions will work with you to help guide you through the process. They hold various open houses for transfer students you will want to attend. See admissions info for transfer students. Contact people: Sam Smith,
  • Processing your transfer credits (from both your previous institution(s) and high school APs): It is important to have an updated degree audit in order to plan your first semester (and subsequent semesters) at Stonehill. The Registrar's Office will process the transcripts from your previous institutions and send you a final degree articulation once you have sent in your most recent semester's grades. Go to the Registrar's home page. Contact people: Nancy Krushas,; Lisa Tressel,
  • Choosing classes and being oriented to the school: An academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising & Services will review your degree audit with you and help you select courses for your first semester at Stonehill. The OAS&A also coordinates a Transfer Orientation at the beginning of each semester to help you learn about and connect you to some of the many offices and resources on campus. Contact person: Tiffany Enos,

Academic Advising for Transfer Students

Through your transition to Stonehill and the course of your first semester, Tiffany Enos, the Assistant Director in the OAS&A will be your advisor. Additionally, all science majors will be assigned a secondary advisor in their particular major who will work with you to reviewing your course of study and help orient you to the department.

Your advisor(s) will work with you to review your current credit status and make a plan to best use the remainder of your time at Stonehill.

A note on credits: No more than 60 credits can be transferred in; this has implications if you are planning to study abroad or take any future courses at a different college/university. More information on transferring credits to Stonehill

Read more about Advising at Stonehill.

Additional Resources You May Find Useful

Health Services: If you are going to be a fulltime student, you Stonehill's Health Services' confidential services are available to you through your student fees. You must fill out the health report form in order to register with the Office and be eligible to start classes. Contact: Nancy Gilcoine,

Information Technology: Upon depositing at the College, you will receive an email from IT with your myHill username and password. Refer to the getting started page for information. Contact person: Service Desk:, 508-565-4357

Residence Life: If you have been accepted as a residential student, please refer to Residence Life's information for transfer students page. Contact person: Andy Anderson,

Student Financial Services: A member of Student Financial Services is happy to answer any questions you may have about your aid package and student account. Information can be found here. Contact: