Advising at Stonehill

Academic advising at Stonehill spans all four years of the student's education.

Academic Advising at Stonehill

At Stonehill, advising is organized by major. Students are assigned an advisor for each major, and a new advisor when they change majors. Those students who are undecided about their major will still be assigned an advisor. The goal of the advising program is to help students establish plans in which they will achieve both their academic and career goals.

Students can request a particular advisor by filling out a change of advisor form, available in our office or on our forms page. Additionally, students can request secondary advisors with whom they have a strong mentoring relationship, and ALANA students are provided with secondary advisors in the Office of Intercultural Programs.

Students and advisors should meet at least every semester to discuss course selection, degree progress, career planning and how the semester is going. Advisor and advisee should play an active role in the advising relationship, here are tips for how each party can do just that: Advising Syllabus for Students & Advising Syllabus for Advisors.

What do Academic Advisors assist with?

During the course registration period:

  • Providing you with your individual pin number, required to register for courses
  • Providing guidance in selecting courses that will help you to make progress towards: the Cornerstone Program; your chosen major(s)/minor; exploring an area of interest
  • Clarifying the timeline for adding/dropping courses, or withdrawing from a course (available on the academic calendar)

Beyond registration:

  • Helping to interpret the Stonehill curriculum and creating a 4-year academic plan
  • Guidance for choosing the right major or minor
  • Helping devise and implementing a strategy to improve in a course that is not going well
  • Connecting you with other on-campus resources for academic support

Useful Planning Tools for the Advisor and Advisee:


Advisors access through the "faculty services" tab, students access through the "my academics" tab in myHill.

  • Provides a snapshot of degree requirements
  • Calculates progress towards degree completion
  • Provides exploration of major and minor changes through "What-If" function
  • Allows access to major GPA and GPA advice calculators


  • Course Registration Planning Worksheet - for planning the next semester's schedule, during course selection time
  • Four Year Planning Worksheet - for looking at how your whole degree will fit in over the course of your time at Stonehill (including off-campus academic goals, such as studying abroad or doing an internship program)

Course listings by semester

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  • Add/Drop classes through myHill during the course registration period