Stonehill Courses & Programs for Academic Support

Below are the courses and programs, run by the Office of Academic Services & Advising, for students who are either identified as or self-identify as needing more assistance to persist and succeed in college.


An intensive three-week summer program (the 3 weeks before school starts) that prepares incoming, academically at-risk students for college life and study through actual coursework, writing support, and skill-building workshops.

Through the ACE program, students take a full-credit Critical Encounters course in a small-seminar format, a linked writing practicum, and a variety of workshops to sharpen critical reading, note-taking, time management, and other essential skills. Students in ACE benefit from adjusting to the demands of college before the semester begins, and because they complete one of their general education requirements during August, students will have a lightened course load in the fall, which can also smooth the transition from high school to college. Because they make connections to faculty, staff, advisors, and future classmates during the program, ACE students hit the ground running with an established support network behind them. The ACE program is offered at no additional charge to accepted Stonehill students, in fact, a stipend to make up for lost wages is involved and various social excursions are offered at a reduced rate. Space is limited.


A program that pairs students with an academic advisor in a series of one-on-one appointments in order to improve their academic confidence and performance.

In the "Back on Track" program, students meet with an academic advisor for regularly scheduled meetings to discuss strategies for improving their academic performance. Discussions will take place around the particular study skill(s) each individual student needs to master. This program is intended to be an academic survival kit for the remaining semesters at Stonehill College. Once the student puts the newly learned strategies into practice, they should see an improvement in their overall performance. While highly recommended for students on academic probation. Contact the OAS&A to make your first appointment.


1 credit course offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters

The Cornell system of note-taking is taught along with individual learning style assessment, exam strategies and the SQ3R method of text book reading. Learn how to break up large tasks and complex ideas into small understandable parts. Strategies have shown to produce significant improvements in GPA. Students can register through myHill during add/drop.


3 credit course offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters

This workshop is designed for students who wish to practice and develop the essential skills of writing, critical reading, and textual analysis at the college level. Instructors provide extensive feedback on assignments, helping students to gain more confidence with grammar, sentence structure, and the writing process as a whole. Students will be placed in WRI 141.