Student Support

Many good students have difficulty with certain courses - for one reason or another. If you are experiencing difficulty in a course the OAS&A recommends the following steps:

  • Make an appointment with your instructor to discuss your status in the course and make a plan to improve your performance.
  • Make an appointment with the OAS&A to discuss the best way to address your concerns and find the assistance you need to improve your performance. The OAS&A will help connect you with the appropriate resources and can work with you to strengthen learning skills such as: motivation; goal-setting; time management; note-taking; reading for information; selecting main ideas; test preparation; and anxiety reduction.
  • Reach out to the Center for Writing & Academic Achievement to see if they offer tutoring hours in your subject. If not, you can request a tutor. See here
  • Assess what is going on outside the classroom. Your emotional and physical well-being has great bearing on your ability to succeed academically. Read about counseling, health and wellness services here
  • Know the pro's, con's, and deadline of a withdrawal option. You can discuss taking this route with an advisor in the OAS&A.

College is a time of great growth and exploration, but can be very stressful as well. View the many tips for test-taking, study skills, time management, etc. listed to the left.