Credit Earned Away from Stonehill

Academic Policies & Procedures

Transfer of Credit

Transfer credit is only granted for credit bearing courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions in which the student has received the equivalent of a grade of "C" or better and which are comparable to courses and credits offered at Stonehill College.

An earned grade of "C-" will not transfer. However, since Stonehill lecture/lab courses are graded with a single grade, transfer lecture/lab courses with lower grades where each component is graded separately may be accepted if the weighted combined average grade is equivalent to a "C" (2.00 at Stonehill) or better.

Only credits hours are transferred. Transfer grades are not recorded on the Stonehill transcript and are not included in the computation of the cumulative grade-point-average. Credits transferred in from quarter hour, trimester, or other non-semester hour institutions may be adjusted to make them equivalent to a Stonehill semester hour credit.

Students are required to provide the Stonehill College Registrar's Office with an official copy of the transfer school's transcript before credits will be transferred.

Students wishing to take and transfer in courses from another institution after initial matriculation at Stonehill must have the courses pre-approved by the Registrar's Office.

The Registrar's Office in consultation with the appropriate academic departments makes the final determination of the applicability of courses in transfer towards a major or minor requirement, as well as to fulfillment of General Education requirements.

A number of courses (not to exceed more than half the required courses in a major or minor) may be accepted in transfer toward completion of major or minor requirements with approval from the appropriate Department Chairperson of Program Director.

In order to qualify for a Stonehill degree, a transfer student is required to attend the College for at least two years, or for at least 60 credits, including the final or senior year. Second semester seniors generally are not allowed to enroll in courses elsewhere during the spring semester.

International Study

A student registered at Stonehill College who wishes to take any course at a foreign institution must submit an on line application for admission to International Programs, available on the Stonehill College web page.

Students who are approved for the Study Abroad Program by the Director of International Programs must obtain pre-approval for all academic courses they are planning to take at the international educational institution. Students must complete the Study Abroad Course Approval Form during the semester before they leave to be eligible to transfer credit back to Stonehill College. Students who take courses abroad to fulfill a major and/or minor departmental requirement(s) or departmental elective(s) must have those courses pre-approved by the respective Department chair. Courses taken for general elective credit must be pre-approved by the Office of International Programs.

Advanced Placement

The College participates in the Advanced Placement program administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Each academic department establishes criteria for awarding placement and credit. Placement and credit awards are as follows:

AP CourseScoreStonehill EquivalentsCredits
Art History 4 or 5 Art History Elective 3
Biology 4 or 5 4 or 5 Two Biology Electives 8
Calculus AB 4 or 5 Calculus I (MTH 125 ) or Math Elective 4
Calculus BC 4 Calculus I (MTH 125 ) or Math Elective 4
Calculus BC 5 Calculus I (MTH 125 ) & II (MTH 126 ) 8
Chemistry 4 or 5 General Chemistry (CHM 113 ) 4
Computer Science A 4 or 5 Computer Science I (CSC 103 ) 4
English Language Composition 4 or 5 General Elective 3
English Literature/Composition 4 or 5 General Elective 3
Environmental Science 4 or 5 Environmental Science Elective 3
European History 5 European History Elective 3
French Language 4 or 5 Advanced French I (FRN 331 ) & II (FRN 332 ) 6
French Literature 4 or 5 Advanced French I (FRN 331 ) & II (FRN 332 ) 6
German Language 4 or 5 Advanced German I (GRM 331 ) & II (GRM 333 ) 6
Government & Politics U.S. 4 or 5 American Government & Politics (POL 123 ) 3
Government & Politics Comp 4 or 5 International Politics (POL 143 ) 3
Human Geography 4 or 5 General Elective 3
Latin: Literature 4 or 5 Elementary Latin I (LAT 131 ) & II (LAT 132 ) 6
Latin: Virgil 4 or 5 Elementary Latin I (LAT 131 ) & II (LAT 132 ) 6
Economics - Micro 4 or 5 Microeconomic Principles (ECO 176 ) 3
Economics - Macro 4 or 5 Macroeconomic Principles (ECO 178 ) 3
Music Theory 4 or 5 Music Theory (VPM 240 ) 3
Physics B 4 or 5 Two Physics Electives 8
Physics C 4 or 5 Two Physics Electives 8
Psychology 4 or 5 General Psychology (PSY 101 ) 3
Spanish Language 4 or 5 Advanced Spanish I (SPA 331 ) & II (SPA 332 ) 6
Spanish Literature 4 or 5 Advanced Spanish I (SPA 331 ) & II (SPA 332 ) 6
Statistics 4 or 5 Basic Quantitative Techniques (MTH 145 ) 3
Studio Arts 4 or 5 Studio Arts Elective 3
U.S. History 5 U.S. History Elective 3
World History 5 Work History Elective 3

Students who have taken part in the Advanced Placement program during high school may request advanced credit. To receive credit, students must request that an official score report be sent to the Registrar's Office. Requests should be made to: AP Exams, P.O. Box 6671, Princeton, NJ 08541-6671.

As noted above, generally a score of 4 or 5 is accepted for transfer as major or elective credit. Advanced Placement credit cannot be applied toward the Cornerstone Core curriculum. In addition, students who are granted Stonehill College credit for Advanced Placement tests are not allowed to enroll in introductory courses in the same area(s) in which credit has been granted. All Advanced Placement Credits are approved by the Registrar's Office.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit Policy

Stonehill recognizes the level of academic achievement represented by the successful completion of coursework in the International Baccalaureate Program. Stonehill will award 6-8 credits (2 courses) of transfer credit for each Higher Level (HL) exam with a score of 5, 6, or 7. Credit will not be given for Standard Level examinations. Students who have taken both AP and IB examinations in the same subject area do not receive credit for both.

The High School/College Dual Enrollment Policy

Stonehill College recognizes that some students may be offered the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses prior to their high school graduation. The College is willing to consider the acceptance of the academic credits earned in such courses. Ordinarily, the College will accept no more than three courses in transfer under this policy. Students who successfully complete dual enrollment courses at accredited institutions should submit an official transcript to the Registrar's Office by July 1.

Courses are evaluated on an individual basis, according to the following criteria:

  • Transfer credit is given for courses in which the student has received the equivalent of a grade of "C" or higher, and which are comparable to courses offered at Stonehill.
  • Final approval of all such courses will be made by the Registrar's Office.

Transcript Requests

In order to protect a student's right to privacy, a transcript can be released by the Registrar's Office only at the written request of the student. Requests for transcripts must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office and will not be accepted by telephone. Emailed requests will also not be accepted, except in cases where a scanned transcript request with student's signature is attached to the email. You may obtain an online transcript request form from the Registrar's Office.

In accordance with the usual practice of colleges and universities, official transcripts normally are mailed directly by the College, not transmitted by the student. A transcript is official when it bears the seal of the College and the signature of the Registrar. Students may request unofficial transcripts for personal use. Transcripts will be issued only when all financial obligations to the College have been satisfied. There is no fee for transcripts.