Missing Student Activity Information Form

The submission period for spring 2017 in now CLOSED. August 25, 2017 was the deadline for submitting a Missing Student Activity Information Form. Registration to join fall 2017 student clubs and organizations is now open.

If you participated in a college sponsored club, an organization, or served on a committee that is not currently listed on your spring 2017 Stonehill Achievement Record, then, you need to complete this Missing Student Activity Information Form.

For an activity to be listed on the Stonehill Achievement Record, you had to attend at least 75% of the scheduled meetings, or participate in an activity 75% of the total time. And, the club or organization had to host minimally 5 meetings or events in the spring term.

You must complete all questions. This form allows you to select up to five missing spring 2017 activities. Once the form has been submitted, the selected activities will be verified. If approved, your Stonehill Achievement Record will be updated.

The deadline for submitting a Missing Document Form has passed. Students could submit a Missing Document Form for the spring 2017 semester until August 25, 2017.