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Rethinking Nationhood: Stonehill Professor Chris Wetzel Releases First Book

What does it mean to be a “nation,” particularly in today’s hyper-connected, hyper-mobile world? Is it shared language and culture? A common political structure? Geography that supports a centralized, unified state? It’s a question Associate Professor of Sociology Chris Wetzel delves into in his new book released earlier this month, Gathering the Potawatomi Nation: Revitalization and Identity (University…

#TBT - Honoring Ted

Throwback Thursday

With the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston set to open on Monday, here’s a look back at Kennedy in 1964 when he received an honorary degree at Stonehill’s 12th Commencement. Here the Senator is pictured with fellow honorary degree recipient Loretta Quinlan and College President Fr. Richard Sullivan. In recognizing Sen. Kennedy’s many contributions to Stonehill and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the College created the annual Kennedy Service Award in 2006, which is given to a member of the senior class for exemplary service to a nonprofit agency.

#TBT: 1966 Blood Drive

Throwback Thursday

The tradition of donating blood has deep roots at the College, as a photo from the Archives demonstrates. Taken in 1966, during the Vietnam War, the photo shows Stonehill donors giving blood for members of the U.S. Armed Forces in what is now Alumni Hall. This semester’s American Red Cross Blood Drive will take place on Monday in the Martin Institute. For more info, visit

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