Reporting an Emergency

  • Dial 911 from any campus telephone
  • Pick up the receiver of any "blue light" phone on campus

For Non-emergency Reporting

  • Stonehill Campus Police and Safety: 508-565-5555.

Where to Get Emergency Updates

Campus Alert Line

Call the Campus Alert line 508-565-5000, to listen to a recording offering the latest status of any emergency or weather related-situation.

Emergency Notification System (Hill Alert)

Stonehill utilizes our Hill Alert emergency notification system to quickly and efficiently send students, faculty, and staff a text message containing important information when a campus emergency occurs. We encourage community members with text enabled cell phones to provide their cell phone number to participate in the Hill Alert system.

Contact the IT Help Desk with questions at 508-565-1435 or helpdesk@stonehill.edu.


In addition to the above, the College will use email to alert and update Students, Faculty, Administrators and Staff during an emergency or weather-related delay or closing.


The college website will be updated with information about the nature of the emergency and how to remain safe. In addition, we will indicate when safety has been restored.

Social Networking Updates

During an emergency or weather-related delay or closing, Stonehill will post updates to our Twitter feed and Facebook page. You will need to create a Facebook account in order to view the updates posted there. You do not need a Twitter account to view Stonehill's updates.