Life Milestones

Smart gift planning can impact these major life milestones:

  • New job or business
  • Retired or selling a business
  • Inherited money

Please continue reading below to find out how some intelligent planning can benefit yourself and Stonehill College during this time of big changes. For more information please call the Gift Planning Office at 508-565-1344.

New Job or Business

A new job often offers opportunities for personal financial planning.

  • Do you have an employer-funded retirement account?
  • Do you have Employer-funded life insurance?
  • Have you considered naming Stonehill as one of the beneficiaries or contingent beneficiaries?

If you do name Stonehill as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary please let us know so you can become a member of the Legacy Society, which allows Stonehill to recognize your generous intentions. If you are starting your own business, please consider making Stonehill a “partner” in your venture with a gift of pre-public-offering stock. This is a gift that could pay off in the future for Stonehill. You could receive a tax deduction based on the appraised value of the shares at the time you make the gift, and Stonehill could hold the shares until the company goes public.

Retired or Selling a Business

  • Have you just retired?
  • Are you getting ready to retire?

Please consider augmenting your retirement income by locking in a fixed rate Charitable Gift Annuity with Stonehill. You can make a gift to Stonehill and turn your low-interest-rate CDs or non-dividend-producing stock into excellent retirement income at a great rate.

If you are selling an existing business, you may wish to offset some tax on the sale of your business by giving a portion of the business to Stonehill before you sell it.

Inherited Money

An inheritance of stock or other assets can be a wonderful opportunity for making a charitable gift to Stonehill. If the inheritance is real estate, consider turning it into an income source by donating it to a Charitable Remainder Trust. The trustee will sell the property and invest the assets diversely to generate income for you and/or other income beneficiaries. After the last income beneficiary’s death, the remaining principal will be given to Stonehill. If the inheritance is from a tax-deferred retirement account, there are considerable tax advantages to rolling those funds into your own IRA. If you take immediate distribution, you will pay income tax on it. Rolling the funds into your own IRA can defer the income tax until you begin to take distributions in the future.

Gift Story

Visit Gift Story for an interactive product that uses a multimedia presentation of slides, audio and graphics to illustrate how one or more gift plans can help achieve your charitable and financial goals. This session will allow you to choose from 10 presentations customized to your situation and your goals.