Life Insurance or Personal Property

Life Insurance

Life insurance that is not needed by family members can be designated for Stonehill and/or other charities. Simply list Stonehill College, Inc. as the sole or a partial beneficiary on the beneficiary designation form which you should acquire from your insurance provider. By designating Stonehill as a beneficiary, you will be allowed a charitable income tax deduction.

To obtain Stonehill College’s Tax I.D. Number, please contact the Gift Planning Office at 508-565-1344.

Personal Property

Antiques, works of art, and other tangible property can make a wonderful charitable gift, and in many cases donating a valuable item can help reduce your taxable estate. If your gift of tangible personal property is for a purpose related to Stonehill’s educational mission, Stonehill may be able to accept the gift from you. In the past, books, works of art, and specialized equipment have been donated to the College and have helped to enhance the College’s programs.

If Stonehill is able to accept the item you propose to donate, you can claim a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the item. The IRS requires that you follow certain procedures when donating items worth more than $5,000, including the need for a qualified independent appraisal.