Establishing a Trust

To benefit Stonehill after your death through the establishment of a trust, please consider one of the following options:

Testamentary Charitable Remainder Trust

At the time of your death, a Charitable Remainder Trust can provide a lifetime income stream to a family member or friend, reduce your estate taxes, and provide for the principal of the trust to ultimately benefit Stonehill for a charitable purpose that you designate.

Testamentary Charitable Lead Trust

At the time of your death, a Charitable Lead Trust can delay the passage of assets to family members until they are older and provide current income to Stonehill.

Revocable Living Trust

A living trust is a document with which you direct the transfer of your assets at the time your death. A living trust can help assets pass outside of the probate process, can continue after your passing, and, as the name suggests, is revocable at any time. Your attorney or financial adviser can discuss if this instrument may work for your individual situation. Reference the Gifts by Will page for sample language.

Visit Gift Story for an interactive product that uses a multimedia presentation of slides, audio and graphics to illustrate how one or more gift plans can help achieve your charitable and financial goals. This session will allow you to choose from 10 presentations customized to your situation and your goals.

For more information about the establishment of a trust, please contact the Gift Planning Office at 508-565-1344.