Message from the Stonehill College Fund Chair

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends:

Throughout my first year as Stonehill College Fund Chair, I have witnessed first hand the people and programs at Stonehill who were touched by your generosity. I am very appreciative of the support that each of you provided to Stonehill in fiscal year 2016.


The Annual Report of Giving offers Stonehill’s donors a unique opportunity to see how many others also share your dedication to the College.  We write to you throughout the year and tell you that every gift makes a difference.  I hope that this report will show you the collective impact that your gifts have made.


There are many wonderful reasons to support Stonehill: scholarships, athletics, service programs and campus culture all depend on your generosity. While we all have our own reasons for giving back, there is one feeling that we share, and that is appreciation for what Stonehill has done for its alumni, students and friends.


Your loyal annual commitment of support to Stonehill, at all levels of giving, is vitally important.  You have enriched the lives of our students through your philanthropy.  We want to especially thank those who have made the long term annual commitment by honoring them in our new 1948 Loyalty Society which is highlighted amongst our listings.


Your support this year meant a great deal.  On behalf of a grateful College community, thank you.





Edward W. Pires ’94
Stonehill College Fund Chair