Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and grants (or “gift aid”) are financial aid awards that you don’t have to pay back. Some gift aid is awarded based on merit (the recognition of outstanding academic achievement), and some gift aid is awarded based on your financial need.

Let’s look at some scholarships and grants that are available at Stonehill.

Stonehill Funded Gift Aid

We fund a variety of Stonehill-exclusive grants and scholarships based on need and merit. You may be eligible for a merit scholarship, an athletic scholarship, a need-based scholarship, or some combination. Stonehill Funded Gift Aid

Government Funded Gift Aid

We participate in federal scholarship and grant programs, including those authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, Massachusetts grant programs, and reciprocal grant programs between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and many other states. Government Funded Gift Aid

Restricted & Endowed Scholarships

Restricted & Endowed Scholarships are awarded from gifts made to the college by generous benefactors. These scholarships are for one year only (although you may apply for consideration in subsequent years), and most are earmarked for returning students. Restricted & Endowed Scholarships usually have very specific qualification criteria. Restricted & Endowed Scholarships

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