Jobs & Work Study

There are two types of work programs administered by the College:

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWSP) is a federally-subsidized part-time employment program administered by the College. Jobs may be located on or off campus. Federal work-study students are given priority for work-study jobs during the first four weeks of school.

Student Employment

Student Employment (SEP) is an on-campus part-time employment program funded and administered by the College.


  • Incoming first-time students with a Federal Work-Study award will be sent instructions and employment paperwork over the summer. It is highly recommended that students follow the instructions and bring the original forms of identification (see below) to Student Financial Services during move-in weekend or soon thereafter.
  • Returning students continuing in the same position will be rehired online by their supervisor. Contact the department supervisor within the first few days of school to set up a schedule and complete a new Hire Form.
  • Jobs will be posted on the Student Employment web site on the second day of classes for students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study. Access to view and apply for jobs will be denied if any of the following listed required information is not on file with SFS.

The following are required to be eligible for student employment either as a new employee or a returning employee:

  • FAFSA for Federal Work-Study and/or a CSS PROFILE for Student Employment
  • W-4 Form
  • M-4 Form
  • I-9 Form and documentation; bring Social Security Card or birth certificate to campus. Students also need to present a photo I.D. (Stonehill I.D., driver's license, passport, etc.).
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Federal Work-Study Award and/or Stonehill Employment Award

The steps for applying for a job are as follows*:

  1. Apply online.
  2. The hiring supervisor submits a "Request to Hire a Student" online to SFS.
  3. SFS emails a response to both the student and the supervisor within 48 hours.
  4. Upon approval the supervisor downloads a "Hire Form" to be reviewed with the student employee.
  5. The student is now eligible to begin working on or after the start date indicated on the Hire Form.

Apply Now

Important Notes

  • Download detailed instructions on applying for work-study jobs.
  • Students are not eligible to begin working prior to the receipt of the Hire Form and notification of approval.
  • Students not awarded student employment may request a work award in Student Financial Services after the fourth week of school.
  • Paychecks are issued via direct deposit for hours worked on a biweekly basis; therefore, the award amount is not deductible from the bill.
  • The amount shown on the Financial Aid Letter for either award type is not a guaranteed financial resource, but rather a limit to the amount the student may earn during the academic year through FWSP or SEP.
  • This money is earned by working part time in a position posted online by Student Financial Services (SFS).
  • Although the full amount of the work award may be listed in only one semester, the award is for the full year.
  • Exceeding a work award may result in the loss of other sources of aid.
  • Because it is your responsibility to monitor your earnings, contact Student Financial Services at 508-565-1088, Duffy, Room 103, to discuss options if earnings approach the value of the work award.