FUN Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What will the committee consider to be FUN

A:  Let your imagination go wild.  The committee will review any reasonable requests for FUN, up to $200 per application.  That means ballet performances, day trips, amusement parks, plays, concerts, bowling, dinner out, movies, mini golf, sporting events, museums, tours, cultural events… the possibilities are endless.  Please remember that the committee is more likely to fund weekend events over weekday and only funds events that take place during the regular academic year (not during finals or over breaks).  

Q: What if I have a FUN event in mind I'd like to apply for, but I don't know that date?

A: Don't let that stop you from applying.  Plug a tentative date into the application.  Then, in the section "additional comments," please let us know the date is tentative and you do at least have some alternate date or a tentative week in mind.  We do ask that for FUN to be approved, you narrow down your time frame to a 2-3 specific dates (e.g. If you are trying to get tickets to a performance or game and are not sure which date you'll end up with).  Once you have the specific date, or if you need to change the date that you originally were approved for, you should notify Kelly Fitzgerald so that she knows when to expect your receipts. 

Q:  How far in advance should I submit a FUN Fund application for my FUN activity?

A:  We ask that applications be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your FUN event so that we can review applications.  The FUN Fund Committee will typically meet twice a month to review applications.  Once the committee has met, you should receive and email with their decision within 2-3 business days.

Q: Can my friends and I submit several applications for one event if there is a large group?  

A:  Right now, we are only accepting one application, up to $200, for each FUN activity, regardless how many students are involved.

Q:  I'm 21.  Will the FUN Fund reimburse for alcoholic beverages purchased at my FUN event?

A:  No.  The purpose of the FUN Fund is to promote participation and accessibility of non-alcohol related activities among students.  Applications that include alcohol will not be approved and receipts that include alcohol in expenses cannot be reimbursed.  If there is reason to believe that alcohol was consumed in conjunction with a FUN activity, the FUN Fund Grant will be revoked.

Q: How will I be reimbursed for my FUN event?

A: Be sure to save your receipts!

After your alcohol-free FUN, submit your receipts and completed reimbursement form (available online or in the office) in person to the Office Student Affairs (located in Duffy 146) within 1 week of your FUN event. Please note that only one reimbursement payment will be processed. If multiple people were involved in your FUN, please decide who you would like to be reimbursed and have that person will distribute the funds to the others involved. Please be sure to submit ITEMIZED receipts when possible (especially for dining!) - not just receipts that show totals. Please note that expenditures that exceed the initially approved budget, or items that are additional to the originally budgeted expenses, cannot be reimbursed. Only items pre-approved by the Committee on your budget application can be reimbursed. If the Committee has reason to believe alcohol was consumed in conjunction with your FUN, your reimbursement could be revoked.   Kindly note that it may take up to two weeks after your receipts are submitted to receive reimbursement via campus mail. If your reimbursement request is not received within ONE MONTH of your FUN event, your approval will be revoked and the funds will be distributed to other applicants.