Fee Structure


Mandatory Fees

  • Full-time Tuition: $19,275 per semester
    Up to and including 19 credits for BSBA and BA not in Bio, Chem, Comp Sci, Engineering, Environmental Science, Math or Physics majors, and up to and including 20 credits for BS and BA students who are Bio, Chem, Comp Sci, Engineering, Environmental Science, Math or Physics majors.
  • Part-time Tuition: $1,285 per credit
    For students approved to take fewer than 12 credits ($3,855 for a 3-credit course, $5,140 for a 4-credit course).

Room and Board

Total Room and Board Charge billed per semester: $7,310, broken down into the following:
* Room per semester $4,461.00
* Board Overhead per semester $1,503.00
* Meal Plan C (standard plan. All plans include $50 flex food dollars) per semester $1,346

  • Meal Plan A per semester $1,746
  • Meal Plan B per semester $1,543
  • Meal Plan D per semester $934

 Miscellaneous Fees, as applicable

  • Student Health Insurance TBD for 2015-2016. May be waived through Gallagher Student by providing proof of adequate insurance coverage.
  • Study Abroad Fee $750 Spring semester only
  • Resident Parking Decal $110 per year
  • Commuter Parking Decal $50 per year
  • Additional Parking Decal $10 each, per year
  • Late Payment Fee 1.0% per month. Assessed on outstanding balance.
  • Non-Refundable Room Guarantee Charge $100 per year. Assessed to all students entering the housing lottery for the upcoming year and all students residing on campus for at least one semester during the year.
  • Late Registration Fee $50 Assessed to students who do not register during the designated registration period each semester.
  • Returned Check Fee $30 per occurrence
  • Dorm Damage Varies.
  • Traffic Violations Assessed to students who do not obey traffic and parking regulations.