Stonehill Affordable Monthly Payment (MAP) Plan

The College offers an 8- and 10-month tuition payment plan.

  • Enrollment in the plan is online through the secure student account portal.
  • Student-assigned Authorized Users can enroll in the plan by logging onto our secure Student Account portal.  Those with myHill access can enroll at myHill, myServices, myBill
  • For instructions on adding an authorized user, click here
  •  Payments are automatically withdrawn from your checking account each month.
  • The enrollment deadline for the 10-month plan is August 15, with the first payment due August 1.  The deadline for the 8-month plan is August 31, with the first payment due August 15.
  • Those who enroll in a fall semester plan will be automatically enrolled in a spring plan.
  • There is a $30 per semester enrollment fee.
  • The plan amount is calculated based on the amount due on the student account after financial aid, and direct payments, such as 529 plans, have been applied.  The plan amount will recalculate up or down if there are any changes to the charge or credit amounts. 
  • Enrollment instructions are available here


Questions on the plan can be directed to or by calling (508)565-1394