Costs & Financial Aid

Higher education is an investment in your future. Our financial aid office works closely with students and families to answer questions and offer solutions to make your investment in Stonehill affordable.

We know families turn to Stonehill for our rigorous academics and focus on values. But we also know you may need help figuring out what kind of financial support you can depend on.

Affording Stonehill

Stonehill is committed to helping families navigate the financial aid process to ensure they make a four-year degree affordable. Financial aid, combined with a structured program that allows 79 percent of our students to graduate in four years (double the national average), makes Stonehill competitive in pricing, even against public colleges that at the outset often seem less expensive.

Types of Financial Aid

There are many sources of financial aid, which is typically offered in a package that may include scholarships, grants, federal student loans and student work study. For the most part, aid falls into two categories: merit and need-based. Merit aid is awarded on strength of academic achievements and cocurricular activities. Need-based aid is tied to a family’s financial resources.