Student Directed Performances

Most Recent Performances

  • 6x10x6 Student Playwriting Festival, Spring 2016
    • "What Was Lost" by Allura Damon, directed by Austin Herzog
    • "After All That" by Caitlyn McMahon, directed by Mike K. Pratt
    • "Turkey" by Corey Grant, directed by Dylan Turner
    • "The First" by Dylan Turner, directed by Adrian Frattini
    • "Tiny Teacups" by Joanna Jorgensen, directed by Samantha Putko
    • "Wildflowers" by Paul Terranova, directed by Christopher Crider-Plonka
  • The Zoo Story by Edward Albee, directed by Christopher Crider-Plonka, Spring 2015
  • Student Playwriting Festival, Spring 2015
    • "Chasing Hope" by Emily Brain, directed by Kalee Burrows
    • "I Went to the Museum" by Kevin Hotaling, directed by Christopher Crider-Plonka
    • "What Was Lost" by Margaret Lepley, directed by James Petty
    • "How Many Times Do I Have to Tell you" by Margaret Lepley, directed by Dylan Turner
  • Senior One Act Festival, Spring 2014
    • Priscilla Dreams the Answer by Walt McGough, directed by Tara Hurley
    • Promaggedon by Dan Dietz, directed by Jon Morasse
    • Scripted by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Jon Morasse
    • Rattlesnake by Scott Canning, directed by Scott Canning
  • 7x10x7 Student Playwriting Festival, Spring 2014
  • Revealed: Her Story by Brianna Wing, 2012
  • Seven by Laura Toppi, directed by Kalee Burrows, 2012, 
  • 7x7x10 Playwriting Festival 
    • "The Very Last Thing" by Eric Sarra, Directed by Brianna Wing
    • "Cooking" by Matt Stathis, Directed by Kate Ferlisi
    • "You Did It" by Lisa Kopac, Directed by Brianna Wing 
    • "The Ladies You Love" by Sean Racine, Directed by Kalee Burrows
    • "What Was Lost" by Matt Conte, Directed by Kate Ferlisi 
    • "Fallout" by Nick Ciavarra, Directed by Brianna Wing
    • "Oreos & Sex Noises" by Kalee Burrows
  • Once Upon a Star by Paige MacLean, directed by Brianna Wing, 2011

2000 - 2010

  • Once Upon a Star by Paige MacLean, directed by Brianna Wing
  • (Un)Requited Love Story, directed by Francesca Perrone
  • A Gothic Tale by John Pielmeier, directed by Jim Petty
  • Jake's Girl, directed by Joey DeMita


  • Old Times by Harold Pinter, directed by Annie Smith
  • Love Letters by AR Gurney, directed by Annie Smith and Brian Olsen
  • Time to Change by Brian Olsen, directed by Brian Olsen
  • Heaven Bent by Brian Olsen, directed by Brian Olsen
  • The Erection by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Derek M. Brown
  • Chamber Music by Arthur Kopit, directed by Tara Kenavan
  • Grave Matters by Brian Olsen, directed by Brian Olsen


  • A Sleep of Prisoners by Christopher Fry, directed by Mark McCarthy
  • The Insanity of Mary Girard by Lanie Robertson, directed by Mark McCarthy
  • Godspell by John-Michael Tebelak, directed by Rob Ruggiero