Course Code Credits

Intro to Color

Using paint, pencil and paper students are introduced to the principles of color and color interaction: students study and apply the physical and optical properties of color, its symbolic and expressive uses, and artistic theories governing its use. Limited to 18.

VPS102 3

Drawing Foundations

This course will introduce students to the basic mechanics of drawing: how to describe structure, form and space with line; the expressive potential of line; and variety and sensitivity in mark making. Accurate observation and visualization of forms as well as linear and atmospheric perspective will be introduced. Limited to 18.

VPS104 3

Design Fundamentals

This course explores the elements and principles of design in the studio arts. Composition, space, line, shape, color, and texture will be investigated in order to enhance creative problem solving. Emphasis will be placed on creating two-dimensional works of art with various media and applications. Limited to 18.

VPS107 3

Three-Dimensional Design

Working with media, including clay, plaster, wood, and various natural materials, students explore the formal and expressive possibilities of three-dimensional art while solving specific design problems. Discussions of trends in both historical and contemporary sculpture are integrated with studio work. Limited to 20.

VPS201 3


Designed to follow Drawing Foundations, this course will explore representational drawing from observation, covering principles of space, form, light, rendering, composition and the mechanics of traditional drawing methods and materials. Students will also investigate contemporary approaches to create expressive, interpretive, and narrative drawings. Limited to 18.

VPS204 3


This course will expose students to a variety of painting techniques and concepts. Focus will be placed on composition, space, perspective, form, color mixing, and material application. Through direct observation, the use of references, and exploration of personal expression, students will develop essential skills in painting. Limited to 18.

VPS205 3

Printmaking Workshop

As an introduction to different printmaking techniques, this course helps students appreciate the processes involved in creating prints and the distinctive expressive potential of each medium. Linocut, engraving, etching, and monotype are among the printmaking techniques practiced. Limited to 20.

VPS206 3

Special Projects: Homemade Journals & Artists' Books

This course explores constructed books as containers for personal use and as works of art. It will begin with creating a journal to fill with detritus from daily life, then move on to techniques for traditional and unique methods of binding. Using mixed media, the contents, whether photos or collages, drawings or text, will be considered so that form and content enhance each other. Limited to 20.

VPS207 3

Intro to Watercolor

Teaches very basic use of water color and explores its potential. Each class will focus on specific skills: materials preparation, wet on wet and dry brush techniques, lifting color, basic color theory, value, glazing and composition. A visual survey of current artists working in the medium will be presented throughout the course. Limited to 20.

VPS208 3

Photography I

This workshop combines an introduction to the history of photography with hands-on camera and darkroom experience. While acquiring technical proficiency in picture taking and film developing, students explore their personal aesthetic vision. Student provides camera, film, and photography paper. Limited to 20.

VPS210 3

The Nature of Art: Discovering the Artist Within

Through the intersection of art and biology and using the act of "journaling" and art as a vehicle for investigation, students explore their inner voices while looking outward to observe the natural world. Limited to 20.

VPS223 3

Sequential Imagery

This course will introduce students to the use of sequential imagery in art. It will focus on animation and graphic novels. Methods will include photography, Claymation and drawing. Narrative and non-narrative approaches will be contrasted in order to better understand each. Topics will include composition, transition, pacing and exaggeration. Limited to 20.

VPS224 3

Documentary Photography

Using examples ranging from photojournalism to fine art students will use their eyes and their cameras to tell the reality-based stories that are important to them and to society at large. Students are expected to complete long-term photographic projects using digital tools and produce cohesive portfolios in both print and electronic formats. Limited to 18.

VPS243 3

Sculpture Workshop

This course guides students through the processes of modeling, mold making, and casting. Many basic sculptural issues will be addressed via the ancient and universal concerns of self-representation. The class will work outdoors when possible to consider sculpture "in the raw," using minimal tools and natural materials to create pieces. Limited to 18.

VPS301 3

Methods & Materials: Painting Techniques Investigated

This course will investigate painting techniques beyond the traditional paint mediums. Students will be introduced to a variety of methods and techniques such as egg tempera, fresco, encaustic, gouache, watercolor, and mixed media. This course will appeal to Studio and Art History students who are looking for practical experience with a variety of materials. Limited to 18.

VPS308 3

Photography/Multimedia Outreach: Mentoring Through Art

Combining art and community service, students are paired with "kids at risk" from the greater Brockton area to create projects in photography, video, collage, drawing and sculpture. Workshops are conducted by experts in adolescent counseling and juvenile criminal justice. Students with an interest not only in art, but in Sociology, Psychology, Art Therapy, and Education, are encouraged to participate. Limited to 20.

VPS310 3

Photography II

This course emphasizes the increased development of a personal vision, refinement of technical skills, and investigation of film processing and darkroom procedures. Exposure to contemporary trends and historical traditions through museum/gallery visits deepen understanding of the medium as a means for creative expression. Student provides camera, film, and photography paper. Limited to 14.

VPS311 3

Contemporary Photographic Practice

Intermediate to advanced students develop a photographic portfolio while exploring the conceptual underpinnings of photography through investigation of one central theme. Themes such as "Place," "Simulation," or "Humor" provide a conceptual framework around which student's complete photographic assignments. Advanced digital, analogue and darkroom techniques are explored along with skills necessary to a practicing artist. Pre-requisite: VPS 210 or Permission of Instructor. Limited to 18.

VPS312 3

Figure Drawing

Designed to increase the student's perceptual skills and provide an introduction to the human figure. Various drawing approaches are discussed and utilized throughout the course. Emphasis is placed on anatomy and the structure of the human form. Critiques and lectures help students develop an understanding of the critical issues of drawing and its context within the History of Art. Limited to 20.

VPS324 3

Portrait Workshop

Students in Portrait Workshop explore the portrait using a variety of materials, including charcoal, pastel, and paint. The course begins with study of the anatomy of the head and progresses to the portrait in various settings. Some drawing experience is required. Limited to 20.

VPS326 3

Landscape Painting

Explores traditional and less conventional drawing and painting approaches to the physical environment. Through dry and wet media, students work on site and in the classroom using nature as the primary subject source. Students strive to understand the nature of natural light, atmosphere, space and other general concepts relating to this historical artistic genre. Limited to 20.

VPS327 3

Advanced Studio Seminar

In this Capstone Course students work in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media and more. Employing the technical and critical thinking skills they've developed over 4 years, they strive to create their most mature, well-realized work in the personal studio space that is provided. Readings, critiques, and Visiting Artist Presentations enrich the experience. The semester culminates with a Senior Thesis Exhibition in the Crushing-Martin Gallery. Limited to 20.

VPS406 3

Directed Study

Supervised reading and research directed by Department member. Permission of instructor.

VPS490 3