Course Code Credits

First-Year Seminar: American Popular Music in the 20th Century

This course presents the diverse genres of American 20th century popular music as it developed from American psalmody, European classical music, and folk music and jazz. Emphasis is on critical thinking and writing about American pop, rock, and jazz. Students may attend a live concert in Boston. This course is the equivalent to VPM 235 American Music in the 20th Century. Limited to 16.

VPM110 4

Stonehill Collegiate Chorale

The Stonehill College chorus welcomes students interested in singing. Music from many historical periods and styles is sung while learning methods of vocal and choral technique. Rehearsals culminate in two concerts given in December and May. Course may be repeated for credit. Students are required to purchase and wear approved concert attire.

VPM133 1

Concert Band

The Stonehill College Concert Band is a performing ensemble for experienced wind and percussion musicians. The band performs a variety of musical styles, focusing on traditional band literature. The ensemble gives a performance each semester. Course may be repeated for credit. Students are required to purchase and wear approved concert attire.

VPM134 1

Chamber Music

VPM 137:A Chamber Music: Orchestra This course is an opportunity for string, orchestral woodwind and brass instrumentalists to work together in a chamber orchestra. Repertoire and seating assignments are based on experience level. Students who have instrumental performance experience are encouraged to participate. Campus performances allow members of the chamber orchestra to showcase their talent. Course may be repeated for credit. Course may be repeated for credit. Students are required to purchase and wear approved concert attire. VPM 137:B Chamber Music Workshop: Voice This course brings vocalists and instrumentalists together in a chamber music setting. Singers and players of all levels perform for each other and for the college community. Students may play in mini-ensembles. This workshop is a step to building other chamber ensembles as the music program continues to expand. You should already be able to read music. Course may be repeated for credit.

VPM137 1

Jazz & Guitar Ensemble

In Guitar Ensemble, students learn introductory musical skills including basic jazz theory, scales, notation and chord girds; basic guitar technique and performance skills such as comping and soloing. These are applied to the study of four jazz standards or equivalent repertory. Course may be repeated for credit. Course must be taken three times to earn the equivalent of a three credit course.

VPM139 1

Studio Guitar

This course provides an opportunity for students to study guitar in a private studio setting with individual instruction. Repertory will be tailored to student needs. Curriculum will include: Establishment and development of proper technique; note reading, notation and chord grids; scales and chords; improvisation; performance skills, memorization, audition techniques Semester study will culminate in a public performance. Course may be repeated for credit. A music fee of $300 will be applied to each student's tuition bill. Limited to 16.

VPM140 1

Chamber Music Workshop: Piano

Advanced Piano students will meet one hour weekly with an instructor in a private setting. Repertory will be individually tailored to the students' needs and preferences. Course will also involve performance classes, master-classes, and coaching sessions, and will culminate in a public performance. Course may be repeated for credit. A music fee of $300 will be applied to each student's tuition bill. Limited to 20.

VPM141 1

Introductory Musicianship

This class introduces students to fundamentals of music, including standard musical notation, meter and key signature recognition, rhythm, keyboard harmony, and rudimentary composition. Emphasis is on acquisition of musical skills which build individual confidence and prepare the student for VPM 240 Music Theory. Limited to 14.

VPM180 3

History of Music I: European Roots

This survey of European Classical Music covers music composed between 1600 and 1925. Emphasis is on the styles and genres which have influenced modern classical and popular music. The class will attend concerts in Boston. No musical background is necessary. Limited to 25.

VPM183 3

History of Music II: Non-Western

This introduction to world music covers indigenous vocal and instrumental music from the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific, as well as the non-western musical traditions of Europe. The class will examine various types of music; the instruments which best represent them, and the cultures in which they are embedded. Students will learn to play rudimentary rhythm patterns using representative percussion instruments in classroom groups. The class will attend concerts of live music on and off campus. Limited to 25.

VPM184 3

Piano Workshop

This workshop provides an introduction to the study of the piano in a class setting, and is intended for beginning students. The following components are included: learning to read music, basic music theory, piano technique, and both individual and ensemble performance. Students use digital pianos with headphones for individualized instruction. The course culminates with a performance for the college community. Limited to 14.

VPM231 3

Voice Workshop

Breathing, phonation, resonation and diction. Students learn physiology and classical voice production, while acquiring enhanced performance skills through practice and performance in class. Singing repertory is drawn from various styles and will be tailored to individual talents and needs. Ability to read music not necessary for this class. Limited to 15.

VPM232 3

African Music: Crossing the Atlantic and Home Again

Study musical traditions from West Africa and their impact on Western culture. Social elements will be examined through readings, listening assignments and class discussions. Students will learn African drumming through hands on practice and oral exercises. Limited to 25.

VPM234 3

American Music in the 20th Century

Various developments in American music during the 20th Century, including classical, jazz, Broadway, popular, folk are explored, as well as the interrelation among music, theatre, dance and movies. Students are encouraged to engage in independent research of composers and styles. Limited to 25.

VPM235 3

Musical Instruments of the World

An introduction to ancient and modern instruments. Students will develop an understanding of instruments through the use of listening exercises, video, and hands-on experiences. Assignments will draw from Western and non-Western repertories. Connections will be made between instrumental and cultural heritages. A field trip to a live concert may be included. Limited to 25.

VPM237 3

Music of Latin America

This class studies the diverse genres of Latin American music as they developed from the complex fusion of indigenous music and culture with African and European music. The music of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Brazil, has deeply affected music in the US and provided and important key to understanding Latin American culture and people. Limited to 25.

VPM239 3

Music Theory

Designed to teach and develop basic musical skills and to increase the student's understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music and how they function in musical language. The first skills studied will be fluency in reading music and use of the piano keyboard. Other topics will include basic terminology, musical notation, intervals, major and minor scales, riads and seventh chords. Some exercises in ear training and rhythm are included. The student's skill and imagination in manipulating these skills will be developed by composing brief musical compositions at the end of the semester. An interactive computer program is a main component of the course. Pre-requisite: VPM 180 or Permission of Instructor/Program Director. Limited to 14.

VPM240 3

Advanced Piano Workshop

This workshop is intended for piano students who have taken VPM 231, Piano Workshop, or for students with a strong piano background. Topics include a wider range of major and minor keys, more complex textures and rhythmic patterns, and original pieces of intermediate to advanced difficulty. The class will play in several public performances during the semester. Pre-requisite: VPM 231.

VPM331 3

Capstone in Music

The capstone course draws together principle components of undergraduate study in a semester long research or creative project designed to demonstrate students' skills, abilities and talents. The project could connect two fields of study or emphasize a particular field not available through music classes in the current program. Specific topic will vary. Open to seniors. Permission of instructor. Limited to 15.

VPM450 3

Directed Study

Supervised reading and research directed by Department member. Permission of instructor.

VPM490 3