Course Code Credits

Graphic Design Foundations

Students learn the various processes involved in graphic design from initial ideas/concepts through working stages to finished presentation, applying the principles of design to projects pertaining to the design and production of primary print and also screen-based solutions. Students sharpen basic computer skills in preparing their projects. Limited to 20.

VPG202 3

Intro to Digital Imaging

Using individual workstations, students learn scanning, designing and working with pictures using Photoshop. Students will be encouraged to use this medium as a form of personal expression as well as considering its practical application. An art background is helpful, but not necessary. Limited to 20.

VPG203 3

Publication Design

In this hands-on studio class students will learn to design for publications. The structure, construction, and production of magazines, newspapers, and corporate publication will be explored, along with their conceptual and aesthetic attributes and environmental concerns. Pre-requisite: VPG 202 or VPG 203. Limited to 20.

VPG230 3

Package Design

This studio course is an introduction to the design of packaging. Students will explore the concept of brand identity and apply branding strategies to the design and production of packaging for products that are common in today's market. Students will learn how to design visual continuity for a 3-D format. Sustainable/ environmentally-conscious packaging materials will be explored. Pre-requisites: VPG 202 or VPG 203. Limited to 20.

VPG302 3

Typography: Letterforms & Words in Graphic Design

Students learn about the development and use of typefaces. Legibility, readability, history and perception will be examined. The impact of images accompanied by text will be explored. Students use computers and traditional methods to develop visual projects. Limited to 20.

VPG303 3

Advertising Design

Explores advertising concepts, media and techniques. Projects simulate actual work performed at an advertising agency. Students will experience the role of an advertising designer as they develop skills in producing design for various media. Limited to 20.

VPG304 3

Web Site Design

This introductory course covers the processes involved in making visual communication for the web. Aesthetic concerns, conceptual skills, and technical/production procedures will be covered to facilitate understanding of and participation in the process of web design. Students will work through initial ideas to a finished presentation. Limited to 20.

VPG305 3

Motion Graphics

This studio design course is an introduction to the use of computer software to create animations and time based visuals for use in professional applications such as advertising, multimedia, film, video and the web. The expressive and informative impact of motion and time when presenting screen based graphics, type and sound will be exposed. Software will include Adobe After Affects and Macromedia Flash. Limited to 20.

VPG306 3

3-D Graphics, Illustration & Animation

This studio graphic design course explores within the computer the construction, modeling and rendering of simulated 3-D objects in a virtual space. These objects are then photographed with a virtual still or movie camera to produce a digital illustration or animation. The course emphasizes 3-D graphics to solve various design problems. The use of sound in animation will be introduced. Pre-requisite: VPG 202 or VPG 203. Limited to 20.

VPG307 3

Advanced Study in Graphic Design

Opportunity for graphic design majors to pursue advanced projects and research related to their individual needs and interests. Critiques with other members of the class will help to give additional assessment and are an important component of the course. Permission of instructor. Course may be taken twice. Limited to 20.

VPG405 3

Graphic Design Portfolio

In this Capstone for Graphic Design concentrators, students will assemble a professional level portfolio. Each senior will review previous work and be guided to choose and develop significant design projects appropriate for specific career choices, including programs and job interviews. Open to senior Graphic Design majors. Limited to 20.

VPG423 3

Directed Study

Supervised reading and research directed by Department member. Permission of instructor.

VPG490 3