Course Code Credits

Dance & Movement

Dance instills confidence, self-expression, and personal challenge, all useful daily living skills. An exploration of dance styles and music provides students with the opportunity to develop these skills, while experiencing their own flexibility. Rhythm, space, and its effect upon movement are also examined. Challenging for all levels. Limited to 14.

VPD141 3

Introduction to Dance History

Limited to 20.

VPD186 3

Dance Technique: Ballet, Jazz & Modern

The art of dance reflects the heritage, culture, and diversity of its people. It relates to the human condition and expresses experiences and emotions. This course is designed to give an overview of dance styles from the ballet barre, a modern center, and jazz combinations. The focus will be on placement, movement qualities, and effort needed to execute required shapes that are prevalent in these dance styles. Limited to 20.

VPD251 3

Introduction to Jazz Dance

Performance-based class in which Jazz technique is taught and Jazz choreography practiced. A class performance at the end of the course might be coordinated with the Chorus and presented to the College. Limited to 20.

VPD253 3

Modern Dance Technique

Introduces fundamental movement principles and the basic elements of modern dance choreography. Through a structured dance class, students explore the connection between movement and breath, body alignment, rhythm, dynamics, space and motivation. Students can expect to raise the level of their technical ability, while keeping the perspective that technique serves expression and communication and that movement is a bridge between one's inner life and the outside world. Video viewings and reading assignments will introduce important figures and trends in 20th century modern dance. Limited to 20.

VPD254 3

Ballet I

This course will cover ballet technique: the principles of proper alignment, placement, ballet terminology and steps. Ballet barre and center will give students the practice required for developing their dance ability. This class is open to beginning ballet students and to those who have had more classical training. Limited to 20.

VPD255 3

Dance for Musical Theatre

Explores the world of musical theatre through dance. Students will learn a variety of dance styles associated with musicals throughout the decades. Tap, jazz, and ballet will be incorporated. Limited to 20.

VPD256 3

Intro to Dance Composition

Explores the different approaches to dance choreography. The influence of music, costume and lighting suitable for choreographic purposes and dance performance will also be studied. Different dance styles will be utilized by each student to create combinations that will lend to fully composed original pieces. Limited to 20.

VPD257 3

Advanced Jazz Dance

Intended for the student with some previous dance experience. It expands the dancer's basic understanding of alignment, develops a deeper understanding of musicality including syncopation, and introduces complex movement skills. Students discover various styles and trends in American vernacular dance and learn to express themselves through their own choreography. Limited to 20.

VPD355 3

Ballet II

Expands the knowledge gained in previous ballet classes. Students are encouraged to explore the technical and artistic aspects of classical ballet. Each class will include barre and center work as well as some study of current ballets. Some previous ballet training required. Limited to 20.

VPD356 3

Dance Company

The Stonehill College Dance Company provides performing experience for qualified students through participation in a company that reflects the spirit of the College. The company is comprised of auditioned dancers who will learn choreography, of well known area choreographers, in an organized manner and perform in various venues on and off campus throughout the semester. Individual creative expression will be emphasized. Permission of the Instructor. Students must audition for admittance. Course may be repeated for credit. Course must be taken three times to earn the equivalent of a 3-credit course. Limited to 15.

VPD357 1

Dance Outreach

Unique opportunity for learning, community service and exchange. Stonehill students will lead children "at risk" from the Brockton area through various the movement exercises. A piece will be choreographed and performed at the end of the semester. A dance background is required.

VPD360 3

Directed Study

Supervised reading and research directed by Department member. Permission of instructor.

VPD490 3