Student Achievements

The Criminology program at Stonehill is aligned with the liberal arts aspects of undergraduate education as opposed to the vocational training required for certain law enforcement careers. 

Some graduates advance to law school or pursue a master’s degree in criminal justice, which is required in many agencies for advanced positions. Specialized training is also required to be employed as a police officer.

Students who have graduated from the Stonehill Criminology program have gone on to a variety of successful careers. Among them:

  • Immigration Enforcement Agent, Department of Homeland Security
  • Special Agent, Claims Bureau USA
  • Reset Representative, Coca-Cola Corporation
  • Security Specialist, NCIS
  • Policy Analyst, Executive Office of Public Safety
  • Project Analyst, Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.
  • Executive Analyst, Social Security Administration
  • Legislative Assistant, Massachusetts General Court
  • Case Resolution Coordinator, Massachusetts State Police
  • Assistant District Attorney, Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office

Entry-Level Careers

  • Lead Test Investigator
  • Social Worker
  • Associate Probation Officer
  • Police Dispatcher
  • Research Assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Security Professional

Professional Careers

  • Police Officer
  • Claims Manager
  • Corrections Officer
  • Detective
  • Police Prosecutor
  • Attorney
  • U.S. Customs Inspector
  • State Trooper
  • U.S. Border Patrol Agent
  • Government Service
  • Insurance Agent
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Prison Administrator
  • Corporate Security Investigator
  • Special Agent
  • Outside Claims Adjuster
  • Emergency Services
  • Chief of Staff

Christina Tousignant-Miller '13

Christina Tousignant-Miller '13

“As a freshman, I took my first Criminology class simply because I thought it was an interesting field. Criminology became my passion the more classes I attended and the more professors I interacted with.”

This passion led to my internship in Washington, D.C., as the Public Policy intern at the National Center for Victims of Crime. As an intern, I researched topics including the effects of child pornography on victims and Child Protective Services’ response to child trafficking victims throughout the country.

I also had the privilege to attend a national roundtable in which professionals in the fields of law enforcement, victim service providers, attorneys and lobbyist organizations discussed potential solutions to address the nation’s response to child trafficking.

Throughout my four years as a Criminology major, I have learned a wealth of information from many of the professors with whom I have established a great relationship.”