Sociology & Criminology

The Department of Sociology & Criminology provides students with a deeper understanding of the social forces and dynamic changes affecting both contemporary society and personal lives.

Dedicated to both the social scientific as well as the humanistic traditions, Stonehill offers a program that builds important skills such as systematic observation, critical thinking and statistical sophistication for a better understanding of our world as well as of ourselves.

Learn from Professors in the Classroom and in the Field

Stonehill’s low 13:1 student-teacher ratio allows for individualized attention in the classroom and opportunities to collaborate in the field, often through the Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience. Recent projects include research into governmental crime, the anthropology of college and environmental sociology, which explores mankind’s connection to the environment.

“Whether it’s the ability to understand how the time bind caused by corporatization profoundly affects our family lives or how institutionalized racism leads to significantly different sentencing and incarceration rates, common forces shape everyone’s lives.
A key promise of sociology and criminology is to help people make the critical link between self and other, and thereby recognize that the personal is political.”
Christopher Wetzel, Acting Department Chair

Four Reasons to Choose Sociology & Criminology

  • Dedicated faculty members who actively publish in the field
  • Top-notch advising to help tailor your experience
  • Curriculum consisting of real-world coursework, assignments and content
  • Research that can be carried over to graduate school

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