Pre-Allied Health Professions Advising

Example allied health professions include nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapist, nuclear medicine technologist, pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist, exercise physiologist, public health specialist and biotechnologist.

Students who are interested in pursuing these or related careers should consult Sheila Barry, assistant professor of Biology and the Pre-Allied Health Professions advisor. She can assist candidates in selection of appropriate pre-requisite courses and Web resources that are beneficial to applicants, participation in clinical experiences, choice of schools, timing of application submission, feedback on application essays, GREs and interviewing skills.

She also can provide information on the academic partnership agreements that Stonehill College has with certain graduate schools. Students are not obligated to attend affiliated colleges and universities and are welcome to apply to the programs of their choice.

Affiliated Allied Health Agreements

Direct-Entry Nurse Practitioner/MSN

Simmons College in Boston has an articulation agreement with Stonehill College for qualified students to become nurse practitioners (master of science nursing degree).

Nuclear Medicine Technology

Stonehill College Biology, Biochemistry and Interdisciplinary Sciences-Health Science programs meet the requirements necessary for this post-graduate career in Nuclear Medicine Technology at Regis College. Options are available for other majors to fulfill the necessary prerequisites.


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, has a 16-month accelerated post-baccalaureate Nursing program for Stonehill College applicants who have met all pre-professional course requirements and wish to become registered nurses.


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Worcester, has established a set of criteria that will enable qualified Stonehill College students to enter into their Doctor of Pharmacy accelerated (PharmD) Program.

Physician Assistant

Undergraduate requirements for entry into graduate Physician Assistant programs are met by the Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies-Health Science majors curriculum. Students in other majors who are interested in this career should contact the Medical Science Coordinator. A formal agreement with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston and Worcester, allows facilitated admission into their graduate PA program for qualified Stonehill graduates.

Biotechnology, Exercise Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Public Health

Northeastern University offers many graduate programs and welcomes Stonehill College students to any of these newer and exciting programs through their Bouve College of Health Sciences.

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