Political Science & International Studies Department

The Political Science & International Studies Department offers students a broadly based core curriculum through which knowledge of the principles and practices of political life, democratic citizenship and political activity are acquired.

In our Political Science & International Studies program, a tremendous amount of attention is also given to building relationships. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Hill to Hill networking program, which includes networking opportunities on Beacon Hill and a weeklong excursion to Capitol Hill, where current students meet with Stonehill alums and others to network.

The Political Science & International Studies Major

The Political Science & International Studies major starts with pre-requisite courses such as American Government and Politics, which offers an introduction to the institutions and participants in American politics and explores the development of institutions and ideas from the founding era along with the impact of citizens and groups on political behavior.

As Stonehill College students progress through the program, they will dig deeper into topics such as American government, political theory and international relations.


There are three concentrations available to students pursuing the Political Science & International Studies major:

  • Government and Politics
  • Public Administration & Public Policy
  • International Relations

The Public Administration & Public Policy Minor

At Stonehill, Public Administration & Public Policy is an interdisciplinary minor designed to provide students with an understanding of the development and implementation of public policy in America. The program focuses on the theories, practices and roles of public bureaucracies at the national, state and local levels. The program is structured to cover five subject matter areas:

  • The political, social and economic environment of public organizations
  • Policy analysis
  • Processes of management
  • Tools of analysis
  • Individual, group and organizational behavior.

The minor provides a foundation for graduate work and careers in public affairs, government service, law and related fields.

“What I really appreciate about the Political Science and International Studies program is that it provides ample opportunities for students to get experience within their major.
Students can intern in Washington, D.C., for one semester and study abroad in Latin America the next, and for me this flexibility really helped me realize what I want to do with my life after graduation.”
 Saleah Loomis ’13