Student Achievements

Stonehill Philosophy students have successfully gone on to pursue advanced degrees and parlay their studies into careers that span a broad spectrum of professions.

Stephen Bourque ’11

Philosophy major, accepted into Stony Brook University’s master’s program in Philosophy.

Brittany Kaminski ’11

Philosophy and Sociology double major, Criminology minor, currently working as a mediator in the Boston Attorney General’s office.

Christine Powers ’12

Philosophy and Psychology double major. After attending a summer institute in bio-ethics at Yale, she is now working in community service in North Carolina.

David Thomas ’12

Physics major and Philosophy Minor, now in a Physics doctoral program at Tufts.

“Whether it is exploring the definition of love or learning the proper way to form an argument, Philosophy is extremely useful and applies to real, everyday life.
This sort of critical thinking can be challenging at times but I can assure you that the courses will always leave you wanting more.”
Rachel Smith ’12

Brittany Kaminski '11

Brittany Kaminski '11

She might not have known that some day she would apply the lessons of Plato and Aristotle to the world of law and order. But it didn’t take Brittany Kaminski long to see how her philosophy studies could be woven into many aspects of her life and her goals.

“With each class I was pushed to analyze my predetermined ideas, beliefs and conclusions and to test them against the course material in engaging class discussions,” said Kaminski, who came to Stonehill from Woodbury, Conn. “These educational tools evolved into a unique form of critical thinking that I am able to implement in all areas of my life, which has enabled me not only to grow intellectually but also as a person.”

As that growth occurred, so did Kaminski’s resolve to dedicate herself to making positive change happen in the world.

It was certainly reflected in her life as an undergraduate, during which time she was a resident assistant, teacher’s assistant, religious educator, reading tutor and volunteer site coordinator for the College’s community service program, Into The Streets.

“(These activities) illustrated to me that it only takes the actions of a few to make positive change happen in the world,” she says.

And commitment to positive change is also reflected in her career. After graduating with a double major in Philosophy and Sociology (along with a minor in Criminology), Kaminski joined the Office of the Attorney General in Massachusetts as a mediator.

And as happens so often with Stonehill alumni, Kaminski has remained actively involved in helping undergraduates at her alma mater.

She recently brought to Stonehill a program by the Massachusetts Office of Attorney General that helps students better understand their rights and obligations with credit cards and other financial matters.

“Access to credit and its obligations needs to be taken very seriously by both students and parents, especially if parents co-sign any credit obligations,” said Kaminski.

And if she can help them avoid such pitfalls in the world of personal finance, she’s taken yet another step on her journey of helping others and making change for the better.