Irish Studies Internships & Opportunities

Study or Intern Abroad in Ireland

Most students in the Irish Studies program at Stonehill study abroad in Ireland at National University of Galway.

Students who wish to do an internship in Ireland are more likely to be based in Dublin. Internships are available in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, government agencies, the parliament and a variety of businesses. Local internship opportunities include:

  • Irish Cultural Centre of New England
  • Boston Irish Business Association
  • Irish International Immigrant Center in Boston
  • Industrial Development Agency Ireland
    "The Irish Studies Program adds more depth to my history major. It also gives me more credibility to my thesis, as it shows I have been studying the Irish culture for years and have a strong background for my knowledge and research."
    John Dunn ‘17

Travel to Ireland with a Learning Community

Ireland: The Literature of a Nation, the Quest for a Nation

This recent learning community linked a Political Science course and an English course and featured a 9-day trip to Ireland, with stops at major Irish literary and political sites. Course reading provided a rich context for the literary/political tour.

In the West, students visited W. B. Yeats’ tower, Thoor Ballylee, and grave; Coole Park (the estate of Lady Augusta Gregory); and the city of Galway. In the East, the focus was on the Writer’s Museum in Dublin, the Joyce Museum, the National Museum, and literary sites around Dublin, including the Abbey Theatre. In the North, it was the Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast and the site of Bloody Sunday in Derry.

Students also enjoyed academic lectures on the literature and politics of Irish independence and development and attended theater productions and poetry readings.