Internships & Opportunities

The nature of Interdisciplinary Studies dictates that students’ learning experiences outside the classroom will be widely varied.

Domenique Ciavattone ’13

Domenique, an Interdisciplinary Studies major with a concentration in Global Social Justice, spent a semester her senior year at the School for International Training (SIT) in Nairobi and lived with a family there. Additionally, the American Sociological Association’s Honors Program accepted a paper by Civattone on gender equity in Kenya. She presented her research the ASA convention in Denver in August 2012.

Julie A. Kelly ’13

With the help of Professor Erica Tucker, Julia created a major in Anthropology through the Interdisciplinary Studies program. As part of her program, she participated in a Learning Community that traveled to Guatemala and spent a semester abroad in South Africa.

“Being an Interdisciplinary major allowed me to take a diverse group of classes in the Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Health Care Administration departments. This provided me with a well rounded education which helped me further my education in graduate school and has impacted my career.”
Alison Robbins ’07, Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

Health Sciences Opportunities

Students interested in any of the Allied Health professional careers such as physician assistant, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, occupational therapist, pharmacy, nuclear medicine technology, etc., may choose the option of creating their own major.

Details such as Stonehill College requirements, graduate school prerequisites, related interests and internship in the prospective field are worked out in a four-year plan in an order that incorporates the student’s future aspirations.

“My health science major allowed me to include all the prerequisites I needed in order to apply for direct entry into a nurse practitioner program upon graduating from Stonehill and allowed me to incorporate science classes I took while studying abroad in Australia.
Without the ability to create my own major, I would not have had such a fruitful educational foundation for my career as a pediatric nurse practitioner!”
Jessica Joaquin ’07, who created a major that blended Biology, Chemistry and Health Care Administration

Hailey Chalhoub '13Hailey Chalhoub ’13 Paves Her Own Path

“After creating my own Interdisciplinary Studies major at the end of my first year at Stonehill, I had the opportunity to explore a number of interests that I may not have discovered if I chose to pursue a more traditional course of study.

Studying international development, a field that is interdisciplinary by its very nature, has enabled me to take full advantage of Stonehill’s liberal arts education by taking a variety of courses from several different, yet interrelated, disciplines.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program is a great outlet for students who are looking to get more out of their college education; it provides a space for those who want to be challenged to go beyond the conventional structure of majors and minors.

As a peer advisor in the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, I have the privilege of working one-on-one with students who are thinking of paving their own academic paths. Students are both creative and forward thinking, as they carefully design unique majors that will help them advance their future goals. I love working in the Center because I get to work with students who are willing to push the boundaries and create majors on topics such as Community Empowerment, Germanic Studies, Globalization Studies, Global Public Health and more!”

- Hailey Chalhoub ’13

“Upper-level Political Science classes at Stonehill helped in focusing my interests.
But my work outside of the classroom setting and first-hand experience with conflict resolution allowed me to complete this plan for an interdisciplinary minor.”
Helena Coric ’13, who created a minor in International Peace & Conflict Resolution