Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Code Course Credits

IND 333

Democratic Education

Offered: Spring Semester

This pedagogy seminar is connected with the IDEAS program. We will explore innovative approaches to engaged teaching and learning, reflect on the changing landscape of higher education, and assess the multiple meanings of democratic education.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be facilitating an IDEAS course in the spring semester. Permission of instructor required.


IND 357

Topic in Interdisciplinary Studies

Offered: Not Offered 2013-2014

This special topics course offers opportunities for study in various topics of interest within the field of interdisciplinary studies.


IND 400

Interdisciplinary Minor Final Integrative Project

Offered: Spring Semester

The final unit of an interdisciplinary minor is a required integrative essay, project, or performance. A student must register for IND 400 the semester he or she will complete the integrative unit. Once enrolled in IND 400, the student and faculty sponsor must submit a detailed plan of study to the Director of the Martin Institute. The student will need to answer the following question: What form will this integrative unit take? They must note the specific description of the proposed unit, the learning outcomes that will result, the criteria for assessment, the frequency of contact between student and faculty sponsor, and a preliminary list or readings and assignments. Students pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies Major may also register for IND 400 as a capstone with the approval of the Director of the Martin Institute. For more information please refer to Academic Life & the Curriculum or contact the Program Director, Professor Peter Ubertaccio, Director of the Martin Institute.

Prerequisite(s): Junior Standing, Completion of Interdisciplinary Minor Application.


IND 401

Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone Seminar

Offered: Not Offered 2013-2014

The Interdisciplinary Capstone seminar fulfills the Capstone requirement for students in interdisciplinary studies. Students in this enrichment seminar will focus on the nature of interdisciplinary and reflect on their own major experience.

Prerequisite(s): Open to Senior Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors only.