Name Info Phone

Antonio Barbagallo

Professor of Spanish Professor of Foreign Languages
Office: Duffy 279
508-565-1279 abarbagallo@stonehill.edu

Rudy F. deMattos

Assistant Professor of French and Spanish
Office: Duffy 235
508-565-1235 rdemattos@stonehill.edu

Robert A. Faria

Adjunct Professor
Office: Duffy Academic Center 208
508-565-1734 rfaria@stonehill.edu

John J. Golden

Associate Professor of German
Office: Duffy 255
508-565-1255 jgolden@stonehill.edu

Peter J. Mahoney

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office: Duffy 278
508-565-1680 pmahoney@stonehill.edu

Christian L. Martin

Associate Professor of French
Office: Duffy 239
508-565-1561 cmartin@stonehill.edu

Juan C. Martin Galvan

Associate Professor of Spanish Foreign Languages Department Chair
Office: Duffy 244
508-565-1243 jmartin1@stonehill.edu

Jose L. Martinez

Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: Duffy 261
508-565-1261 jmartinez@stonehill.edu

Tania Santander

Adjunct Professor of Spanish
Office: Duffy 280
508-565-1280 tsantander@stonehill.edu

Adeline J. Soldin

Adjunct Professor of Foreign Langages
-- asoldin@stonehill.edu

Daria Valentini

Professor of Italian Professor and Director of Italian Studies
Office: Stanger 112
508-565-1254 dvalentini@stonehill.edu